Teamspeak 5 Server include RTMP Server?

Hi, i like your new TS5 Client, thanks for this Test Badge.
A few more questions, do you plan to include a RTMP Server into Teamspeak Server Core ?
I have no clue how Discord solved it ? Maybe you have a clue about ?
Do you plan to upgrade TS3-Server to TS5-Server, can u share any news ?
I think when you include a rtmp service would be awesome to stream your game content in groups.
Hopefully anybody will update me here :slight_smile:
Best regards and thanks in advance

Hey @iDustBin

You can create a Suggestion for the New TeamSpeak Client into this Thread:

Maybe you are a lucky and it will be implemented soon as possible. :slight_smile:

No, there won’t be a new server for TeamSpeak 5. The same server is used as for TeamSpeak 3.

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Many people want to share there screen :smiley:
i found its a rtmp server based on nginx and the bring dvbs streams over nginx rtmp to teamspeak :smiley: i hope they will include it as standart feature :slight_smile:

We’ll see what the future holds for us. :wink:

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