Teamspeak client crashes after saltychat plugin

Teamspeak works fine and boots when newly downloaded. as soon as the SaltyChat pluggin is downloaded and installed the client crashed upon boot.

I have tried everything from uninstalling to reinstalling, making sure all my systems are up to date and even making sure the files aren’t blocked. I have literally uninstalled and reinstalled over 10 times trying to get teamspeak with the salty chat plugin to work with no luck I have the files needed to see if maybe the problem can be found for I do not understand any of the coding or the files themselves. I can not share the files on here though.

For me it works just fine!
(I never ACTIVELY used that plugin)
Is your client up to date?
Is the plugin up to date?

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yes everything is up to date

both the client and the plugin is up to date, mine works fine but simmermoms here is the problem.

we even tired it with turning my firewall off and my antivirus as well and still it just continues to crash whenever I have the plugin installed

Try to start the Client without the plugin and test if this work

it does

teamspeak itself works just fine but the second i install salty chat it just crashes and won’t work anymore

Have you a crashdump or a Logfile?

we already have. its the plugin thats messing up, been to the developers of it and theyve had a look and are stumped why and sent us here.

she has a file but unsure how to upload to here

yes but I can’t link them here because the file apparently isn’t the right type of file

then upload the file to an external provider

I tested this with my Client and its working fine.
When does the crash happen?

as soon as it boots when the plugin is installed for her

she cant get onto any servers.
it litterally crashes as soon as she opens the teams speak executable

Have you TeamViewer or something else? Maybe i can help you.

best she has atm i believe is simple discord

From where did you download the plugin?

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