TeamSpeak Community Translation

Hi Team

I found that the Chinese translaion had been finished in Weblate.
When will it be added in TS5 Beta Client?


With the next TeamSpeak update. There is no official release date yet.


I want to contribute to Russia :ru:
Weblate Username: @shystriknsk

I will contribute with Italian

Weblate nickname is Lukee1234

yes, I’'m back


Are managers accepted? Would like to be manager of the Weblate instance…

The Weblate instance is maintained by TeamSpeak itself. Therefore you cannot apply to be an Administrator there.

Even if they would probably ask on their own some members of the community that are trusted to manage it. That is the better way to onboard people instead of letting users apply for it… (cough cough Alpha recruitment)

Well, one can trust me! I have already managed Crowdin instances and projects for two companies! Then I’m still proofreading some projects on Crowdin and Transifex

I want to contribute to Polish
My weblate Username: @Safek

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I want to contribute to Italian :it:
My weblate Username: IMTZ

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I want to contribute to French Translation !

Username: @Skogrine

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I would like to contribute to the development of the Polish :poland: language for the TeamSpeak application.
My nickname is @Devanger

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I wish to contribute to French !
Username : @haru