TeamSpeak server not starting


post the results of these command please

you have two installations of the teamspeak server, one is in the /home/teamspeak folder and the other is in /home/teamspeak/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64
First find which is the correct installation. You can do it by watching at the files date (ls -lah) or by looking at the logs into the logs/ directory
Once you found which is the correct one, just delete the wrong one and proceed updating the server as here:

The correct one is /home/teamspeak

I deleted the incorrect one

How would i update on Ubuntu 18.04 using Terminal

I just wrote you:
Follow these steps to update the server in ubuntu:
(you can start from step 2 if your server is already not running)

Will doing that remove the channels and permissions

Also im unsure on how to extract it!

This procedure updates your server and keeps all the data (it is stored into the ts3server.sqlitedb file)

I wrote how to do that! Look here:

Rather than trying to install a whole new Teamspeak I would suggest fixing the service that is starting the old one. Could you post your service file (/etc/systemd/system/teamspeak.service should be the path to the file)

yeah that goes later, before that he has to update the server to make it work.
Also he said he was following a tutorial to install that, so my suggestion was to do that in the correct way, from an updated an official source

Where do you get from that his server is outdated in the first place?

As for as I can tell a possibly outdated server is not the root casue here

in the guide he said he was following it downloads the server files directly from a fixed old link and it doesn’t say to go to and check that
(He downloaded version 3.12.1 if he followed that guide)

I see that know.

@SoNotMC You should probably also save your files (icons and stuff) and also have a look at this thread as it explains the updated and upgrade processes

that’s what I said

I agree and I didn’t mean to offend you in any way. I just didn’t have to impression that @SoNotMC has considered that and wanted to make that clear for him.

Also, as I have the impression that @SoNotMC is not a very expierenced server administrator he should probably first setup a new server in a seperate directory and start it on a seperate port and then copy the data from his old server (maybe using serverquery snapshots) and then, when the new server is running, delete the old one. This way he has always a server to fall back to, if anything breaks or gets corrupted.

I think doing that would be even more difficult for him. For this reason I suggested him to just upgrade and don’t care about the service

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