TeamSpeak Sponsorship Experience

Becouse the big communities, most of teamspeak users doesn’t pay a hosted server is right, but probably when you discovered teamspeak immediately you didn’t started to rent a server, first you started with a channel of one of these big communities, they are necessary to still getting more new teamspeak users and keep them. In teamspeak if any thing is more obsolet than the teamspeak3 interface is the market strategy of teamspeak. My opinion is the future of teamspeak is the big social communities or nothing, they should support them, with way to request 512-1024 slots to get it easy and in teamspeak5 implement a native donation button to help servers and teamspeak company with a percentatge for the both

I totally agree. Great opinion, I believe that this would really be the ideal scenario for teamspeak.
However, it seems that they really have no interest in supporting these communities. Here I did not give any information about my server etc … But I am absolutely sure that you would be shocked the server that they refused.
I am seriously thinking about directing my users to the competitor.

But I believe that this topic will not make much difference, just an outburst.

You’re from the same server as @Santiago, I’ve looked and I’m not surprised at all sorry to say. You may have a few custom things but like I said to him, you’ve no engagement outside of your server.

My previous post was removed as it violates terms. :thinking:
Anyway, for your comments, your project is better than everyone.

What is so unique in your project? Everything you have already exists, rank, php code, purchased templates, etc.

I think is a matter of point of view, for me you would not have the requirements, but you received the license. Make good use.

There are others who were rejected, maybe deserved it, nobody is better than nobody.
Just point of view or wake up in a good mood :wink:

I’ve never said mine is better than anyone else (my code probably isn’t the best anyway but it works how I want it to with the features I need). I’ve just put my effort, time and money into my own project and earned my sponsorship and worked with them to meet what they felt needed to improve/change.

Does this really surprise you when you publicly link an employee’s linkedin page? You’ve also made this account just to reply to this thread so I think it’s an appropriate response.

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It didn´t get removed, some users may have reported it. It´s just hidden and we have to click on it to be able to read it.

It surprises me I have to say! I read his text and checked your homepage, and for one that gets rejected for the sponsorship license when they look for something unique I would react like him too since it looks exactly like you simply took that Solid State theme, adjusted it to your liking, added some existing code to create rooms (which is something most public servers have). So for me it looks more like you reported it since he may have said the truth and you don´t want people to see it since your server doesn´t look unique for me at all.

If you know you didn´t do what he said just be above it and let it be and continue the discussion related to the title otherwise answers like the one you are reading now will continue forever (I just have to write this looking at most of the discussions in this forum a lot of them turn into something not related to the actual question/feedback).

Also linking an employees LinkedIn isn´t making something publicly available. You can´t make something public that already is public and viewable for everyone on this planet! I don´t get how hard it is to understand such a simple thing.

Just because he joined the forum a day ago doesn´t mean he created his account just to take part in the discussion. His account could be years old and he just joined now. Most people join a forum if they have something to criticize or a question they couldn´t find a solution for on the internet. That´s how the internet works, so it is completely normal that a lot of the users (not just him) joined a few hours or even minutes before creating a post here.

See you soon.


Once again, you can all think whatever you want about my code but there’s many more features in the back-end that you don’t see. It’s not just some simple channel creation script. (I’m not going into what features are implemented because they’re good and well-made with purpose and I don’t want everyone replicating those features)

If you actually fully looked around my stuff you would see other custom features that I’ve made and aren’t just some open-source ■■■■ everyone is using.

Why everyone jumps on the bandwagon of saying “YOU’RE JUST USING PREWRITTEN CODE” is hilarious. But sure, jump onboard with these guys without actually looking in depth. :clap:

Not at all, someone else got banned for similar behaviour and what he said is not true. Yes it’s a heavily edited PAID theme from I’m not a site designer, I can just code backend ■■■■.

And that exactly is the whole problem with the sponsorship right now. If people apply and get denied saying that they are not unique without TeamSpeak knowing what´s going on in the background after not even a few hours after the application (according to reports) was sent I don´t feel like the applications are all handled in the same way. It takes way more time to look into each application (e.g. your case where things happen in the background) and to decide for each separately except if you decide from the beginning a server will never get a sponsorship if they ever try to apply. I know at least one applicant where that is the case.

If you read my text closely you would know that I said that I would react like that too if my application for a sponsorship license got denied. I was talking in general how people that get denied could see that, I wasn´t saying I´m seeing it like that. I neither have the time and knowledge to look into your stuff deeply. I was using the appearance to the public for my general text and also never applied for a sponsorship license.


At no time did I understand this. Do you think there are only two of us in the world?
Honestly, I would send you all the details of my server at DM, and all the differentials, but it seems that someone has offended you and you closed your profile.
But I tell you, if you think your server has a lot of interaction on the networks ??

Will I be clear, “UNITED KINGDOM’S # 1 PUBLIC TEAMSPEAK SERVER” with 200 users? (put some more) LOL
A forum that has no involvement, some categories since 2017, others since 2018.
A twitter that is only from RT in publications? And don’t you have any likes?
Do you honestly think you are better than someone for that? I believe that you should get out of your arrogance, and understand that this is a software forum and we are here questioning the forms of evaluation, why are they not the same for everyone?

In case you haven’t noticed, I tell you: nobody cares if you have different codes, if you paid or not, or if you have millions of followers, you know?

This same post had several people commenting and agreeing with @Santiago, including me. So are we all from the same server?

So if not even users can see this, will teamspeak be able to? How in a quick analysis will they define whether you can pass or not?


Believe it or not, that is probably true. The UK gaming community isnt as fond of TeamSpeak as other, Eastern European countries are, so 200 users is still a very good achievement and he probably is number 1.

Anyway, stop twisting the cat by its tail and stop getting personal. This is not the place for personal remarks.

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That’s actually true, we’re not as big as we were a few years ago and we all know what platform we bled users too.

It’s pretty damn obvious that my stuff is custom when you actually look.

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Sorry for interrupting but this is getting little unpleasent.

First of all, why do you need to basically attack each other? It’s in hands of TeamSpeak to give someone sponsorship or not. OK, some of you haven’t got it but is it the end of the world?

The answer is NO!

If you haven’t got sponsorship and if you really got email like someone up there posted, maybe read it twice and think what you can change to appeal to TS. All in all, it’s their money we’re talking here.

Now for the second thing,

What’s wrong with that? Do you think that everyone that knows how to program uses solely their own code?

Well, NO! That’s why we have Stack Overflow, Github, Pastebin, etc. Everyone is using premade code, even dudes in biggest corps. There isn’t anything bad in doing that unless you do it and later tell everyone ”It’s my code, do not use it or I’ll sue you!”.

Then there’s number three, pasting links to TS employees or simply posting their names.

We know what happened to SYOX. We all know. If you don’t, maybe check this out: People getting banned due sharing opinions!.

In short, he hadn’t liked few things so he posted what he thought but inside these posts he somewhat threw garbage on few TS employees, be it ex- or still employed. That’s not good in any way.

Getting to the point, STOP FIGHTING! We’re one community, why do we have to go through this?

I can understand some of you are mad but chill. Seriously.

Also, before there’s any trashtalk after this, why don’t we hear from TS? Maybe they will explain that to us.

That’s that.
Don’t fight if you don’t need to.
Stay safe!

Till next post.

Sadly this is one of the worst communities I’ve ever been involved with, constant DDOS attacks, dox attempts etc.

I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with that, just that everyone presumes it’s the same shit everyone uses from other sources like TS-N etc. But it’s all 100% custom code, none if it is pre-written and all done by myself. When you’ve spent hundreds of hours writing your own code for people to just presume it’s generic without even actually looking is rather infuriating just because they’re trying to justify why I shouldn’t have a sponsorship and they should instead.

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Just a passing reminder to everyone to please be nice - is worth a re-read!

(I can’t comment on sponsorship issues since that’s absolutely not my area - you’re best to go right to the source on that one)


I made this question towards people that criticizing you, not you personally.

Sorry if you thought it was towards you, since I quoted your post just to let other know what’s my opinion in this. Sorry once more.

I wasn’t saying you were, just agreeing with you!

Glad we resolved this. :fist_right::fist_left:

Have a nice day :smiley:

You can report abusers directly to TeamSpeak by emailing: [email protected]

or here: (Request Type: Piracy)

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We got our sponsorship being a community - we don’t have much social media, tho we’ve been using TS since 2003. One thing I’m sure many know of which I do is my recruitment and spreading the word of TS, example for LO which just recently came out:🌎-united-we-stand-est-2003.47/

I have no problem taking jabs at the competition in order to get people to join in with us, tho they really need to release their web client making it easier for users to join this will hugely grow TS users everywhere.

We usually get a high of 80-100 players on our TS each day, one thing I do that’s unique compared to any other community (and i’m pretty sure we are the only one that does this) is that I display our paypal donations to the public which matches up to whats on our website so our members know 100% everything they give is going 100% back into the community.

This is why I’d love if we had the ability to see our stats provided from our sponsorship DL link i’d love to compare to other places who actually utilize it :+1:

There one thing hovewer… If you have NPL license, it will be extended (or at least that’s what I remember was told on forum). It was only discontinued because some people disobeyed the rules. You can’t get it now, but if you got it back then, it’s yours.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the best thing would be to ask TeamSpeak directly if what I said is true.

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