The icon for the server was not found

Could anyone help me to work out how to fix the server icons we have added to shown to me .
The icon showed in the past when the server was at a different location.Now the server is at a new location and the icons show for most people who use our server but for my self and another couple of people.Only the icon don’t show only a outline of what they are does.Error in red when joining the server says

the icon for the server was not found

I have cleared my cache and still the problem
Thanks Scotch

You missed to copy the files folder to the new location or server id has changed meanwhile.
The user who see the icons still have them in their client cache.

To fix this move the folder to right location again or re-upload the icons to the server.


I don’t get what you are asking .Who moves what server company or i move and what ? Could you explain in a simple terms thanks appreciate the help

Location texture files thanks

He meant that on your server, you should copy the folder containing icons in such a way that path leading to them is exactly the same as before!

AFAIK it’s the simplest way of explaining. Or at least I can’t do it more simply.

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new server location the company will not do that we are screwed thx

Um, no, you’re not screwed. You just need to connect to the server (not TS server, literal machine) via FTP and move icon files. I doubt any company would do that on their own, cause it’s not their job per se, but maybe contacting them will resolve your problem.

Either way, you should contact your server provider and tell them about your problem, they’ll help you, or at least should.

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Hello their! I have a Problem, when I connect on a TS Server than I get this message: The icon for server group “Team” was not found. (also for other roles) What can I do?

Hallo zusammen! ich habe ein kleines Problem, immer wenn ich auf einen Server connecte kommt nh Nachricht wo gemeint Das Icon für die Rolle Team wurde nicht gefunden. Was kann ich dagegen machen?

Server owner has to fix / re-upload the icons.

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Hey, I have had the problem for a few weeks that the icons and avatars on other servers do not load. With me on the server they load. A friend of mine has the same problem. However, as soon as we join another server with a VPN, all icons and avatars load. What is the error and how can you fix it?

Excuse my english. I come from Germany and have written this text translated with Google.

Without any error you gave us my guess is server owner must open ports for file transfer on that server.

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I suspect that it is not because it also works for other users. It’s a team peak with more than 400 users a day and I only know my friend and me who have this problem.
There is only one error: Screenshot by Lightshot
Log error:

Ok that error makes it more clear.

The icon on server is not there where it was before.
Icon/avatar was deleted or permissions on system have changed and user can not read the folder.

Clients who see the icon/avatar have it in cache. The client does not ask the server then.
You do not have it in cache and your client asks the server for the file but server can not deliver it. This is way you get the error.


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Okay, that happens on every Teamspeak server (tried more than 10). Has anything been changed in a previous update? As soon as I join VPN, it works too. Say load all icons and avatars.

Here is a video: TeamSpeak icon bug - YouTube

clear the cache and try again?

Try it many times, but its not working.

The only explanation i have left is that this has nothing to do with the server but with something in the connection which breaks the downloaded files.

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That’s exactly what I think. Could also be due to the Internet provider, which I cannot imagine, since my friend is with another provider.

Do you have any ideas for solving the problem?

try to make a telnet on a ts server with port 30033, if it throws an error that it couldnt connect to the host then something is wrong with your firewall (router or windows). If the cmd is blank then it is connected, then you know that your connection is not the problem.

telnet is probably deactivated on your system, to activat:
How to Enable / Install Telnet in Windows 10 - Tutorial - YouTube

command looks like:
telnet yourHostAddressOfChoice 30033