403 =(

no me deja descargar la aplicacion cliente nampoco el servidor ya me canse me parese 403

that doesn’t work for me. It show me the same error.

403 Forbidden

  • Code: AccessDenied
  • Message: Access Denied

Come the error from the beta.teamspeak.com or the normal teamspeak Download Page?

What for a File will you Download? Name from the TeamSpeak Client or Server and Operation System and i will generate a new Download link for you. :slight_smile:

Same for me here:

403 Forbidden

  • Code: AccessDenied
  • Message: Access Denied
  • RequestId: HHHG07GDY9EHKDC7
  • HostId: 88Zr5kgGqIwBAMAL9Iu5CeGOvf6ITlz5gr+GSBomWZNUluVg70gXNPLQoVICDOe29YdeYhaDJSc=

An Error Occurred While Attempting to Retrieve a Custom Error Document

  • Code: AccessDenied
  • Message: Access Denied

Im using chrome and Win10 21H1

Write me a PM with the Client or Server and the Operation System and i generate a link for you. :slight_smile:

I just wrote to you. Thanks a lot!

Cuando intento descargar el TS3 me manda a una página con error 403 y no lo puedo descargar ayuda.

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AsĂ­ que eche un vistazo a la Ăşltima publicaciĂłn de este hilo: Get 403 when downloading client or server

We’ve done some tweaking in relation to the 403 error message on download. Can anyone who experienced this issue try it again now and see if it still happens? (If it’s still happening, can you let us know what country you’re in).

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