Trying to connect

Been trying to connect to my clans ts. Im using pixel 3xl w/ android 10 os. It stays at trying to connect and goes no further. In the past 2 weeks i was only able to connect once. I uninstalled/reinstalled but cant connect. Please advise

****Update: today got the tsdns error dont know what that means. I installed it on my tab works fine, but phone still wont connect

Check your connection, check server firewall, maybe it blocking your IP adress, and check is the server online.

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Its the mobile app. Server is up, dont have security software on phone. It was working several weeks ago but now pfft. Im wondering if it needs an update but i have the latest version.

Check the logs :thinking:
Maybe you can see something in it.

Cant check logs. Im on mobile device. I let it sit trying to connect got TSDNS error. Dont know what that means.

you can check the logs, go to internal storage->TS3->logs
in the app settings the Create Logfile option is checked

Just to let you know the app will connect of i turn on my wifi on phone.

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