TS 5 Beta Windows 11 , can not use the chat

Hello im downloaded the Teamspeak 5 Beta from Windows 11 Store, now i have no Beta Access, im read i can only do no Chat…But when i want to add a Server there is nothing found. I put the adress in and comes No Results. is that normal or i did need beta Access?

This is normal, you will still require closed beta access to unlock the global chat features.

You can connect to any voiceserver, beta access is not required for connecting to a voiceserver.

Send me TeamSpeak Server you trying to connect and i will test this, with a fresh account. :slight_smile:

Im testing any server, there comes No results…
is this the right format? #addons:tschat-1.teamspeak.com

With the Hashtag you could only add Groups, but you dont have access to the global Chat Features, so yeah this is normal that you get no results.

But for testing



thank you, i understand :slight_smile: waiting for beta access

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You can check this tutorial for New Comer: TeamSpeak 5 For Newcomers - FAQ

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