TeamSpeak 5 For Newcomers - FAQ

This FAQ should help new people using the TeamSpeak 5 Client. It’s not for experienced users.

TeamSpeak 5 Small FAQ

  1. How to connect to a server?

  1. How can I talk to my friends and is there any way to call a friend?

    • Connect to a server like you know it from TeamSpeak 3.
    • There is no call function in TeamSpeak 5.

  1. How can I add my friends?

    1. Click on the contact list (icon with a person)
    2. Press Add Contact
    3. Enter the ID of your friend.

    This can look like the following:

    Your own ID can be found in the settings for chats:


  1. How do I get a new Recovery Key?

    1. Go to the account settings
    2. Click on New Recovery Key
    3. Enter your myTeamSpeak password
    4. Follow the instructions
    5. Do not forget to make a fallback

  1. How do I equip badges?

    1. Go into the client settings
    2. Click on Account
    3. Drag and drop badges

  1. How do I install a custom theme?

    1. Download a theme
      [Skin] CleanSpeak - Consistent Dark Theme [TS5] by @Gamer92000
      [TS5] [Theme Pack] Anime Theme for TeamSpeak 5 by @Wargamer
      [Skin] Colorful TeamSpeak - A TeamSpeak 5 Extention by @LeonMarcelHD
    2. Unpack the files
    3. Upload them in the settings under Appearance at the themes

  1. How do I create my own room?

    1. creategroup1

  1. How do I add a server to my bookmarks?

    1. Right-click on a server you are connected to
    2. Select Add to Bookmarks

    or add the server manually via + at the servers.

  1. How do I request talkpower?


  1. Can I set my own status?

    Sure, you can. How? You can see that here:


Server Managing

  1. How can I Manage my Server?
  • Click at the Topbar where you can see the Name of your Server and on the Top right you see
    different Options.
  1. How do I see the ban list?



1.Where can I find my client logs?

  1. Developer Tools:

    • Enter Developer Tools in the search bar

Special thanks to @Cornelius for helping to create the FAQ.


Can you add: How to find the TeamSpeak 5 Logs for Windows, Linux and Mac? :slight_smile:








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