TS 5 Server chat

so i got the new Teamspeak 5 Client today and my question is:

Does it have a global chat like the one from Teamspeak 3 where you can see who connected to the server for all the time and not like for 10 minutes which you have by newer version.

I would appreciate if you would answer.

You mean Server Chat. That one can no longer be used.
The only thing from there you get is the events.


Is there a reason why the Server Chat patched out?


so on TS3 i see i can type in the server channels chat that everyone can see from any room. ive got both clients up and when i type in the server chat it does appear on TS5 in the little “recent server events” icon at the bottom, but i cant for the life of me figure out how i can type a message in that room on the TS5 client

ah okay thank you so much. just curious too i saw in the advertising for this clien pictures being sent in the chat i see emojis can be put in the chat but i tried to copy an image and it didnt work. was this scrapped or just not in yet?

You can send attachments with a TS5 Server which is currently in the testing phase on beta.teamspeak.com and will be soon released to the public.

ohh i see, so where do you get ts5 servers? its not as simple as just downloading the teamspeak 5.0 beta client then

You can’t get it for now as it is still in testing phase and not yet released to the public

ah okay well thank you for the help. hopefully its not difficult to switch to a ts5 server when it does come out

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