TS-Chat not connection

Hi everyone,

When I try to connect to chat servers, following errors appears in the log file:
[20:43:19.327] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[20:43:19.327] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[20:43:39.923] [info] create: host=tschat-1.teamspeak.com username=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx===
[20:43:39.923] [info] Matrix client create: matrixHost=tschat-1.teamspeak.com
[20:43:39.923] [info] Created fresh store
[20:43:39.934] [info] get_presences: ts_chat_id=1
[20:43:39.935] [info] connect: ts_chat_id=1 presence=online
[20:43:40.069] [warning] TSChat_Connect failed: invalid character ‘<’ looking for beginning of value

I already tried everything mentioned here: Teamspeak 5 Chat Disconnected and also deleting everything and uninstalling, but nothing helped.

How do I fix this error and connect to the chat server?

Has it worked before? Looks like you never had an account there.


No, freshly installed beta. Started for the first time.

If it does not work the first time it should work the second time.
Anything else in latest chat log?

Tried it and had no problems.

Please also read my private message to you and reply here.



to your private message: Still the same error as in my initial post.

I took a deeper look at it, now that I knew what I had to look for, and when I use “curl” to check what response I get from the server, I get a Cloudflare captcha check.
Why is the chat server secured with a captcha that I never can do. I think the start of the “” tag is also the invalid character mentioned in the error message.
So I tried it via VPN, so that I have a different IP address, and it worked. Now the problem is, I have a provider that uses DS-Lite, so many people share the same public IP address. Means, everytime someone in my town does not know how to secure their PC probably (and yes I already checked all my devices :smiley: ), the IP address get flaged and I would not be able to use the chat server.

Also some question, do I get it right that you use the Matrix protocol for chat server? Or is this a coincident in naming? I’m asking because, if you would use matrix protocol, will you also use the federation features, like chatting with people with other matrix compatible clients, and will it be possible to host an own chat server?

That’s bad, because there is nothing we can do here.
From our past we decided to use Cloudflare for any service.

We already use 2 different matrix server.
There is no support for other messenger from our site.


Matrix: Too bad, this is a missed opportunity to use the full potential of matrix, which is that I can chat with everyone that has a matrix compatible client.

And because of cloudflare: Is there no way of protection without captchas from Cloudflare? Captchas only work for frontends and not something like chat backends where I can’t confirm them.
From my perspectiv, if I can’t use the chat, I doesn’t gain anything from using Teamspeak 5 over Teamspeak 3, which means I still rely on other chat services like Discord.

But ok, then I wait till Cloudflare releases my public IP again from the list and hope I can then test the chat server.