TS RPG Page 90

Shouldering your gear confidently, you head down the stairs into the noisy crowd of the Cup and Talon. The place has been well cleaned since the revelry of the previous night, and the customers are noisily engaging in some serious breakfast.

The crowd consists mostly of sailors or craftsmen; most other folk are either still asleep or already working. You peer upwards at the many bleary faces, and wonder if any of them could offer you assistance in finding the men in the grey suits … You dodge nimbly to avoid being tossed underfoot by the oblivious humans. You need to find somebody that might know something about a new thieves’ guild …

Searching intently through the taller forms around you, you find the three people that might be of some use: An old sailor running a “a game of fortune’’ in a center table, a fellow Halfling sitting on a barstool counting money, and a tall man in grey robes, sitting alone by the windows.

If you wish to talk to the sailor, go to https://community.teamspeak.com/t/ts-rpg-page-55. If you wish to approach the Halfling, go to https://community.teamspeak.com/t/ts-rpg-page-37. If you prefer to speak with the grey-robed gentleman, go to https://community.teamspeak.com/t/ts-rpg-page-71