Ts3 3.6.0 addons incompatible

Hi. I cannot use any kind of addon since I upgraded TS3 to version 3.6.0. Going to look at the addons I get a red print on all of them: “Plugin Failed to load: API version is not compatible”.
The addon “Control” which was developed by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH also results in red writing.


Yes. the problem is that the plugin authors needs to update their API manually.

The official plugins should have already been updated. At least that was the plan.


Yes I know I said that was the plan, as it has not been updated yet.

I have the same problem

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Is there a timeline on when it will be updated?

I updated the volume control plugin - it’s currently pending for approval.

I wasnt able to select API26 though in the plugin admin page - not sure if I am supposed to be able to select it or not.
TS staff can figure it out; I recompiled the plugin and uploaded it - I wont waste more time on it.



Hi! be aware that there is no approval of new plugins right now. Mostly the creators hosts their own plugin on pages like Github.

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ok here it is:


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ACRE2 for Arma3 no longer works with TS3 after i have updated it. It says that “Plugin failed to load: Api version is not compatible: 24 (minimum: 26, current: 26)”, how do i roll back to the previous version?

Only with the 3.5.6 installer.

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@TS.ChrisR but on the Download Page, you can only download
the New Stable Client. :smiley:

You can download the Old Client from here: Index

Or from here: Index of /pub/hosted/ts3/releases/3.5.6

No the download page still offers 3.5.6. I checked that before posting.
At least for me :confused:

It was my Cache in browser.


i can only see 3.6.0 on the download page

Try one of the Links

Hi guys,

Just updated to 3.6, a few hours ago, and it removed my PTT hotkey assignment.
When I tried to re-do it, I discover that TS 3.6 won’t let me set a joystick button as PTT anymore (it doesn’t recognize any of the buttons).

Is this intended, or will it be fixed soon?

In the meantime, I’ve rolled back to 3.5.6 as being unable to use a joystick button for PTT is a show-stopper for me.

Any insight you have on the situation would be most appreciated.


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The plugin update for Gamepad joystick support was not released yet.
We have it ready but need to upload it. This will happen tomorrow when i talked to our team.

I could upload the version for 3.6.0 on Google. If you like.


Thanks for the update.

For us flightsimmers, joystick support is kind of a big deal (especially, for VR users).

That said, knowing it’s going to be addressed soon, I can wait for a couple days (on the rollback version) to update.

I appreciate the quick response. Thanks!



Any chance you’ve made an upload link? I use Controller Hotkey plugin Heavily for a FiveM server I’m a head admin in