TS3 crashes on options

Whenever I try to go into options teamspeak crashes, any idea why that is?

ts3dump_1619262161342.zip - Google Drive crash dump

In the Past there was a Problem with Oneboard graphics from Intel.

Maybe you could solve your issue by trying to start the Client with the following start parameter: –force-opengl-soft

Ps.: You are using an Old Client 3.1.10 , please try a update to the current Version. :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my TS3 but now the options wont even open up

I press options but nothing happens

Have you a Oneboard graphic card?

i have a nvidia 1070 ti

i have a nvidia 1070 ti

ok are your drivers from the system up to date?

yes my graphics card drivers are up to date

so i tried to enter options but now ts3 just crashes altogether, do i need to send over a crash dump?

Yes. :slight_smile:

hey im still having this issue

Sorry i dont have time at the moment. I will Report back when i am home. :slight_smile:

ok, no worries.

Have you make a completely reinstall of the Client?

so i did a fresh reinstall but now options doesnt even open.

Is this an active issue with a lot of teamspeak users?

is your Windows on the latest version?

I dont know, i dont have this Problem. Can you try to start the Client with the -safemode parameter?