TS3 Randomly Freezes in Windows 7 SP1 on Init - AMD Ryzen 1700X - Only Happens Sometimes

Hi All,

I am having problems with TS3 when I first launch the program on Windows 7 SP1 with the latest Windows updates and Nvidia graphics drivers. The UI will load, freeze, quit responding, and then I have to close it. After I try launching it several times, it will eventually work.

I’ve tried various commandline arguments, but none of them make any difference whatsoever:


The same hardware has no issues running TS3 in Windows 10 (I have a dual boot), but I cannot stand Windows 10, so I’d really like to fix this initialization issue on Windows 7.

This video kind of illustrates my issue:

However, it usually takes more than 2 times to get it to work. Any idea?

I do run wufuc https://github.com/zeffy/wufuc so that I wouldn’t get non-sense messages from Windows update about my hardware being too new for Win7 updates. I wouldn’t think that would conflict, but that’s the only thing I can think of. It only happens on my AMD Ryzen 1700X machine.

Anyone have any idea?

Windows 7 has no microsoft support. I highly recommend to update to windows 10 and then try to test it.


Never. I don’t need support from MS. Never have. Target your programs for XP and they’ll run in anything. That’s how I do my dev :slight_smile:

There’s no reason for something not to work in 7.

Develop for out-dated, un-supported and insecure systems? Great idea.


Highly recommened upgrade your OS … for several reasons, not just for ts .
security risk, fewer and fewer programs support it… etc

check the changelog

=== Client Release 3.1.5 - 20 Jul 2017
! This is the last release with support for Windows Vista
=== Client Release - 18 Jul 2016
! Last release supporting Windows XP.


As above, upgrade your OS (even if you hate Win10, just like me :smile:), especially since you’re using wufuc, which means you might not have all required drivers.

Or switch to some Linux distro… There are plenty of them you’ll be feeling familiar.


I have this issue as well on w10. Possibly related to bookmark autojoin but I’m too lazy to actually check that.


See, I’m not the only one, and it’s happening in Windows 10 for that guy. Guess we can throw away the upgrade your OS nonsense. Dev needs to fix. Uninstalled wufuc anyways since it’s no longer needed, and the problem still persists, so that’s also unrelated.

Who doesn´t know that feeling :joy:

Then maybe graphics drivers? For my knowledge nVidia drivers can make this sort of weird stuff.

Not saying it’s the case, but this might be it. I can’t do this since I’m in Team Red both CPU and GPU :smiley:

any error in the logs?

You can try this too.

Move the directsound_win64.dll / directsound_win32.dll out of the soundbackends folder.
That folder is located in the client installation.

In client you must use Automatically use best mode or set Windows Audio session or you won’t have any sound.


I have nearly 100 crashdumps of this already. I will happily provide them.


Your fix appears to be working for me. I haven’t seen it crash since doing what you said! Thanks for the info. Hopefully, you guys can get the other method fixed.

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DirectSound is deprecated. It was important till Windows XP.
Next windows versions only emulate DirectSound trough WASAPI.



Actually, that fix didn’t work for me. It just crashed in a similar fashion today. If you click on bookmarks shortly after opening the client, it sometimes just freezes, crashes, and then I try it again, and it continues to do so for a while for some reason. I really don’t get it.