TS3 server license

Hello, i am from XL-GAMES.RU BF4 community, a lot of years ago, our owner received (get) TS3 license file for 512 slots, non commercial.
All these years our server has been running for everyone, free of charge via adress TS3.XL-GAMES.RU
Recently, our dedicated server broke down, and while we were fixing it, time passed, then I fixed it, but could not start the TS3 server, because I received an error, I searched on the Internet and found there that I need to update my server, after which I did this but got the following error
License ID: 601216 expired
ERROR |Accounting | |license is invalid!

the one who initially received the license (person) has been absent from our community for a long time, but I have access to all the server files, to the server itself (machine), etc., except for his email,
How should I deal with this situation? I can no longer use this 512 slot license file?

This server worked until our dedicated machine crashed, but after we restored it, the ts3 server does not start

Non-profit licenses are no longer given out. If you have a valid one it will be automatically renewed while in use. Once such an NPL expires it is gone for good.

You could try to apply for a sponsorship license, though.


Thanks, I tried and am waiting for an answer