TS5 beta shows artifacts after a while

I’m testing the new TS5 beta.
Everytime I connect any server, after some time (usually less than 1 minute) I start to see strange artifacts in the frontend, as you can see:

Maybe a display bug?
I’m using 2 monitors and the same behaviour if I use the main or the secondary monitor.


Are you using an NVIDIA graphics card by any chance?


Yes, using Nvidia RTX series.

I’ve just see the workaround consisting in disabling sharpening in Nvidia control panel. After doing it’s working without visual artifacts, but I prefer sharpening for other apps, so I’ll deal with the problem until it get fixed (simply moving or resizing the TS window solves the problem for some minutes).


I wonder if you can enable/disable Sharpening with profiles, on application to application basis. This way you would be able to disable Sharpening only for TeamSpeak.

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