TS5 Client flags

Display country flag on clients. All new TeamSpeak is great idea,but it sure misses one thing that is FLAGS! i just can’t give up on clicking on clients and viewing their flags. Whos with me? @ts5 @idea


its okay, but why the code and syle and iconpack tag?



I would prefer some new country icons. Just to get rid of the old icons, which are implemented in the TS3 client. Take here an example.



do you need them that badly?

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nice, new country icon for ts3 and ts5 client it would be great :smiley:
in ts3 old country flag icon is little pixels for me , i think is old 16x16 resolution if they create new icons for ts5 they can replace in ts3 too :smiley:


It has to be coded, and implemented from icon pack.

I need them that badly.

To be honest not only flags, and server icons too. If you open your phone client you see the server group icons pixeled too. My only solution to this issue was to add icons with 20x20 resolution and everything looked great, except the flags :wink:


Yeah the server icons are also not good, if you use a resolution like 16x16 directly. I just used 128x128 which is under 8kb and it worked fine. Now there’s an high resolution on the phone. :iphone:

Otherweise you can change the country flags by your own - so you replace the data, remove the old country flags and replace them simply. :fire:

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TeamSpeak3 and 5, both support SVG images.
Update your icons to SVG images and they will scale automatically.


That’s nice. Never thought about it to be honest.


we use 32x32 png icons on our server and its looks great on desktop and mobile client too

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However the png format is “outdated” in 2020, in my opinion.
It’s a pixel by pixel composed image which is only useful for small pictures.
(even these can get blurred)

Scalable vector graphics are not affected by such issues.
They can’t get blurry.

Just to mention that.


I agree with you :slight_smile:

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i think that will not fit to some of the flags, but i’am voting for any kind of flags

How do u see png icons on android client,
I dont see any server group icons on android except for the default server admin one?

i think for some reason you can’t download the icons.
maybe router settings or isp or something.
i see all icons on any server.

Could u help me here on this thread

If u can, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

16x16 is old resolution but it should work.
Try to join another server and check the icons appear or not.

I checked in another servers and found out its not an issue of icons
When I check client info, I cannot see any server groups apart from the default ones (Server admin, etc).

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