TS5 client permission error problem

Hello i have problem with ts5 users on my ts3 server. When client using ts5 client randomly has error “i_channel_needed_description_view_power” when he has all needed view power to see description on selected channel. On ts3 client this problem dont exist.
Zrzut ekranu 2024-03-30 232430

I have selected this channel and i see his description

And randomly gives me this error

It’s the server sending the error and the client only prints it. So not a client issue.

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Whatever the actually used identity has as permissions is reflected.
So user has no permissions to see the description.

Check his permissions with TS3

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  • You showed your permissions but you must check that on a user who got the problem.
    Yours are fine i guess (picture doesn’t show the summary of permissions overview).

  • 100% this user does not have enough description view power. Else this popup would not be there for him.

  • No the client does not try to load a description as long user does not select the channel.


Just to add what could be the cause, maybe that “client” has added Client Permissions so the client can’t see the descriptions, you have to check that too.

What you could see in the mentioned summary of the permissions overview :dotted_line_face: