TS5 Icon not showing on Linux

I just tried out the new TS5 on Linux Ubuntu 20.04.
But after the client was started there should be an Icon at the left, where you can see a few favorite programs and them who are opened. But for Teamspeak it just shows nothing.
You can see this in the Screenshot below.

Bildschirmfoto von 2021-02-04 18-50-47


FWIK, on every Ubuntu distro there’s no icon (can confirm at least Xubuntu). Guess Windows builds are a priority.

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  • Manjaro with KDE Plasma Desktop.

yea, it’s a known issue. You can linked the application-icon for teamspeak by urself :3 (icon is located in teamspeak folder)

…or create ur own desktop entry

That’s what I did.

Here is my file in case anyone wants it.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=TeamSpeak is software for quality voice communication via the Internet
Exec=/your/path/TeamSpeak %u

The above goes into $HOME/.local/share/applications/teamspeak.desktop, although that depends on your distro/preference. Another place where you can place the file is /usr/share/applications/ and /usr/local/share/applications/ for system-wide applications.

In my case I chose to use the more classic logo (teamspeak_logo.svg) but there are several you can choose from in html/client_ui/images/icons/. Another good choice is tray_not_connected.ico if you like the zoomed-in headphone variant, but it may not work as well since it’s a .ico, although you should be able to convert it to a .png by using convert tray_not_connected.ico tray_not_connected.png (included with imagemagick package).


Thanks for resolving, but for me this doesn’t work as it should. On both Taskbar and Window Change Menu (Alt+Tab) I don’t have this icon, but for me this isn’t as big of a deal after all that time.

But I have something else for you: hi-res .svg TS Headset…

I know it’s not perfect (given that I’ve made it from that 96x96px .ico), but in low-res situations, it should be good enough.

If you would like to have this .svg file, here’s a link to download:

If you want to edit this in some way, do as you please!


That’s weird, works for me at least. What is your WM/DE? I’m using KWin/Plasma.

Default and boring Xubuntu here, XFWM/XFCE.

Desktop Entry not working? or does it work but the icon is not displayed?

Desktop entry works flawlessly, but icon is not displaying.

But as I said above, it doesn’t really bother be that much. I’m used to it by now.

Hey guys, I got the same problem like @Done in Manjaro with KDE Plasma Desktop and Kwin as the WM:

So, while the icon is actually shown in the application manager/launcher, and everywhere else, it isn’t in the taskbar and tab menu (windows change just as @_ニャー_3 mentioned) for some reason. The recommendations above didn’t work for me either. Any other ideas? Even that it’s not a big deal, it would of course still be nice to find a solution for it, just because it would look way better with it :stuck_out_tongue:

However, thanks in advance.

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All of you please check this with upcoming Beta 76.


Working now for me with beta76 :partying_face:.

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