TS5 - Question about status of developements and bug status


the following Post in the Announcement Thread of the new TS5 Client seems to be deleted without any notification or information. Why that?

I have seen, the import of the Identity Files is not working and in the german TS5 Chat group “Beta Test [DE]” I was informed, the File browser in Linux is not working and this is a known bug. Can someone inform me, when this bug is planned to be fixed?

It would be nice, if there would be a public list of open Bugs and Feature Requests (as example in a public bug tracking system) to see, if a bug is still there and known and when it is planned to fix that or add any feature.

Best Regards, Daniel


Is there anybody her, who can answer my questions?

And is there any public information of the development status of the Client?

Is there anybody who can give me an information?

These Linux client issues are currently under investigation:

They have been reported in the Linux chat room so if you are facing other bugs, feel free to open a new topic and post a link to your topic there.