TS5-Window not fully maximized


since a very long time when I maximize my TeamSpeak 5 window, an around one pixel wide gap exists between the bottom border and the windows taskbar. I can see my desktop or any other open program through that little spacing.

2022-03-02 21_37_00-

most recent TS5 version (beta68.1)
Windows 64bit
Monitor: Optix MAG24C 1920x1080

Here with a white-colored program in the background:
2022-03-02 21_46_25-

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I think that one is not related to TeamSpeak, rather than a bug in Windows 11 perhaps a chromium bug. :thinking:

Zrzut ekranu 2022-06-08 163305
Can anyone say me how to fix problem with this little hole between Windows 11 taskbar and ts5 app?

This has already been reported. Have a look here TS5-Window not fully maximized

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can agree, got the same error, thought it was a “me” problem


This already happened on Beta 70 but I just noticed it.

When maximized the window still leaves one transparent row of pixels on the bottom.
See example:

Im running Windows 11 22H2.
And yes this also happens outside of the sandbox. I was just using it reproduce it on a clean system…