Update or submit of the addons on myteamspeak

Hello guys,

i got a problem. After a very very long time, the addons on myteamspeak got processed and updated by the teamspeak team.
I though “yea finally is my update released and my new picture is in there too”. But, yep…NOPE!
Now there are 30-40 images in MY addon that i not uploaded from some other addons like the soundboard, the dark theme and some others.
Wtf is going on there ^^
Can someone fix this please?

And does that mean, that the addons get processed regularly again, or was that a one time thing?
Btw. you can answer in german, i don’t know why i wrote this in englisch xD

Kind regards,
Timo // NiceKype



Well that’s creepy… a part of my description was copied as well. And many other images were also not yours. I already though that you were just bored and tried to steal them, but it’s always good that you’ve mentioned it here.

But I actually see that this isn’t your masterpiece of work. Looks like… they got melted together somehow. We can also call this as a “bug”, and not a feature. :test_tube:

However. Try to open an ticket into the myTeamSpeak department, somewhere…

But to be honest… that’s creepy. :zombie:

One question, where is any description from you in my description ^^ I dont see it.
But yea thats creepy. There are 40 images currently in my addon but i only uploaded 6 and nothing from other addons. There are images of 4,5,6 other addons. I made my 6 images by myself, why i should upload images from some other mods with names etc. xD

But sure i write a ticket then.

I said a part… and not a bunch of colorful stories.



and here:


That looks pretty similar… I don’t really give a single damn about it, but at least it’s a fact… and funny somehow.

Yeah. Mission failed.

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Okey thats funny. I had this license a long time before i started with teamspeak development ^^
I just copied it to myteamspeak and changed “textures or mods” with theme. But its does not matter. Its a simple text that some users use and just a text xD

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I got an answer from the support and now im thinking about finally switching to discord.
The supporter says that upload a new addon is not possible any more and no new addon get processed.
Thats really, really sad. That means, teamspeak makes the move like EA “you can play but cant change anything”.

Message from the supporter:
new addon submission is no longer possible and new addons will not be processed.

Well no one forces you to use the plugins provided by myTS.
This is like saying you could only use programs downloaded from the Microsoft Store…
As Adam already said some time ago, they currently do not have the capacity to process any (new) addons.
No one stops you from posting all your addons to this forum.
I would gladly add anything you post to my list of addons.
But yes, no one stops you from using discord.

This says CURRENTLY, but the supporter say “no longer possible”, that means “forever”.
I think it’s a shame that its said “at the moment” and that it says “no longer”. That’s sad for me.
But yeah it would be nice to get in your list. But at least my support request got answered and the 34 wrong images from other addons got removed from my addon.

Thats my stil btw: https://www.myteamspeak.com/addons/a2e0c5a8-6711-464a-ac64-fa546db30aa7

I’m sure it’s not for ever; as they said it “working on something new” in this way. As far the development isn’t focused only to the new TeamSpeak client, then they will head over to the add-on page. It’s just a situation right now.

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Hello, I’m writing a Turkish language pack for TeamSpeak3, How can I submit this language pack to myteamspeak?

Soundpacks, plugins and any other addons cannot be uploaded to myTeamSpeak at the moment. Instead you can publish them in the forum in Skins/Soundpacks/Addons - TeamSpeak by creating a thread about it.

Why Is that? The Turkish Language Support is one of the most wanted features that Turkish people ask at the moment.

The team currently does not has the capacity to review uploaded addons on myTeamSpeak as they have shifted their ressources towards ts5.

In order for other people to find your translations you should upload it here on the forum.

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I don’t think that It takes too much effort to just review a language pack. @TS.ChrisR Can you take a look at here?


As both replies tried to explain already. We are not accepting and reviewing any add on.

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