[v3.5.2] Random Freeze in random time intervals


Some of my users on server experienced some random crashes on this new 3.5.2 client version.
The client simply just freeze, and in the server is shown as Connection Lost!
No one got a Crash report or any kind of infos about.

Enyone experienced this?


I never had any problems with 3.5.X Clients

Many people on my server experience it as well. So many go back to the version that was stable…

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I also realised that 3.5.2 client randomly crashes for some users.

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Same here …

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I and all my friends in Teamspeak are having the same issue.

Having the same issue.

It somtimes crash during startup, but mostly when trying to open a menu or perform an action.

Error report states error 201

I dont know, what can be the problem. But for now it seems to be good… o.O

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I have the same issue, any idea on how fix it?

How can I go back to a stable version? what version works stable for you???


this happens because someone is writing to you with an emoji.
I will not post the emoji to prevent a abuse.

To fix the problem you have to do the following:

  1. start teamspeak client
  2. right click in chat
  3. turn off emoticons

this is the reason why your client actually freeze

  • Increased size limit for text messages to 8 KiB.

Multiple clients and me have those crashes too. 6 clients and 6 crashes withing 1 hour. Not funny if this happens within a game.

its not the reason why our ts freeze , already turned off emoticons for us so…

Nope, as @Stefan92 said, we haven’t used the chat at all.

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What about posting the crash log? We may find the reason there.

this is one of the reasons why the client hangs.

maybe you have a plugin that causes the freeze. try deactivating each plugin and see what happens.

No additional plugins installed. Everything is as it comes from Teamspeak.

@Alligatoras No crash logs available from these crashes.


Since the release of this version, three of our server users have had their clients become unresponsive at different intervals on multiple occasions. Requiring a restart of the client. It may not be relevant, but we were all playing CoD: Modern Warfare at the times it occurred.

becouse the log is empty …
so this is the strange.