What is better for my in game frames?

What is better for my ingame frames a 32bit server or a 64bit I have a 64bit operating system and downloaded the 64bit client normally servers affect frames a lot so I am wondering what is better

Also how do I enter the beta of ts4?

As long as your CPU supports POPCNT, there’s no reason not to use x64 Server. Only if x64 Server does not run, use x86 exec.

Also, about beta…
Currently it’s not possible to enter it and you must wait for new registration wave (topic covered many times by now). Also, there’s no TS4. From TS3 it went straight to TS5 (known also simply as New TeamSpeak). Please read this just in case.


Im guesting and i7 10th gen supports POPCNT? And what is the difference between 64x and 32x?

x86 means 32-bit, x64 - 64-bit. Differences are just as with other software that has both x86 and x64 executables - x64 can use more RAM and has more space for computing larger numbers.

It’s oversimplified and these are just basics, so if you wanna know more just look it up on Wiki.

So yeah, there’s no reason not to use x64 Server exec in your case.