What is the status for next beta client?

It’d be great if they didn’t go the niantic route and not say anything until the last minute.

We understand that there is a roadmap that basically shows us what you’re working on, or what you are doing but please - a couple of infos would be great. While the No Mans Sky method worked for them it doesn’t work for you. You have a complete host of people that could communicate with the userbase. And I’m not talking nightlies or such. A lot of your beta users are devs themselves and would like some insight into your sprints. Just having some kind of sign of life would be great. Being completely shut off doesnt help!

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the ongoing silence about TeamSpeak but since 16.06.2020 there is a new executive Director in TeamSpeak named “André Oliver Mies” more information can be found here.


Yup… that’s way too interesting.

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I’d be careful sharing stuff like that @MCG (Speaking out of experience)


it is public information though… so nothing to be careful about that…


So once again they are pulling the silent card? How many times do they have to do this and realize they only hurt themselves… Speak to the people that support you. It’s really not hard to have 1 person communicate… I’d really like to have an idea when to expect another beta update, is there anything we can do to help, it feels like everything has come to a halt…


A new Update at Nortdata about TeamSpeak (2019 Revenue)


Teamspeak is officially dead?

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Oh wow that could explain why it’s so slow they simply can’t afford to pay workers to work on it anymore, probably why responses back have been lack luster too. Maybe they should just sell the company to a place that can actually bring it back to life.

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Unless they’ve burnt through cash in this current fiscal year or covid has hit them hard they should be fine for a few years.


Look at the Revenue of the Spotify GmbH, because of their payment model they are loosing money nearly every year. So there is for the next few years no reason to think the company is dead. At my opinion Teamspeak has to do a risk, hire staff members so they can make sure that at least the old users stay and maybe some new people come. I think everyone of us know that teamspeak looses Users every Year. And not without a reason. I love teamspeak and support it with all I can but they have to work hard to survive the next years.

Here is the report of Spotify


And if you look here:

You can see that teamspeak is still hiring people so they can publish the new client updates as fast as possible :slight_smile:

And based on the fact that teamspeak has fewer than i guess 15 employees, this is a significant increase…

And the User @MCG has posted a picture of a chat history with (i guess) a community manager of the Teamspeak Team.


I hope they didn’t lie…

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Regardless of what is being prepared, we were promised a better communication between devs and users. It worked for a few weeks, but its now stopped, again.

I’ve always been a diehard teamspeak fan, but its just a bit pathetic at this point, it seems like everyone has collectively stopped caring and all the hype has gone.

If this is part of a marketing strategy, its a poor one.

I’m a fan of the product and the company, we as a community always have been - but its just so sad to see so many people drift away as a result of situations like this one happening over and over again.


This site is hidden since quite a few months. It’s not in the list, but you can still find it on index pages. (looks like an read-only part)


There are specific other sites where they’ve searched and recruted peoples. But not here anymore.

That’s actually how it looks like, but we have no confirmation at this time.
Or maybe they’re just working on a big ‘monster’ update & concept. It could be everything but I’m pretty sure that they did not lose their interests for this project.

It’s the second silence ‘wave’ as you see. That’s basically the way how TeamSpeak does handle it right now, but the point is that we don’t know anything official right now.

Yeah… some changes would be a good step.


are you bored too much? :roll_eyes:

I agree totally with you, when i saw the link, i’ve looked instant at the “more” tab on the website but found nothing. But also it seems to be an active offer.

To be honest this is interesting for me because i spent much time on Teamspeak and if you look at the previous texts you can see that the discussion isn’t really worthless.

About me? I’m just waiting for an tiny TS3 update. :upside_down_face:

Which features do you want to come in Ts3?