What is the status for next beta client?

Just a little change on the default filter in the server-list. I may can wait for it in the next beta update… for TS3 of course. And there are many things to do for TS5.

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When will they realize that silence only hurts them. Look at how long they waited to announce the TS5 with its features (trailer) etc and he wanted so long, we waited for the puzzle pieces, and they only gave us a small fraction, not even something amazing, so seriously be open with your people don’t pull this silence stuff again nobody wants it.

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I agree with you: But just a question to you as a developer: Is it possible to create a soundboard on ts5 as a community member?

I never said anything else, i agree with you that silence hurts them, but i just said that they aren’t dead :slight_smile:


Please speak english before your post’s are getting deleted (I’m talking for your own security)
TeamSpeak had a new office somewhere and since this happend, and all these new concepts were publicated then everything had a little slowdown as you see. But honestly, I’ll still give them some more time. They’re losing Users every year because of the slow development, or many semi-TeamSpeak user’s are also still here around. Sadly I don’t think that Discord users are ever going to switch into TeamSpeak again; there were too many changes and we all have just lost much time of it.

However; I wouldn’t say that it’s “verdient” deserved… and actually, no company should suffer after all. As you can already see it… this marketing or concept administration is not really working well - or at least for the community.


But i´m not sure if they have an office where all employees are working. (even before corona) Because in the description of at least one developer there is Berlin as a Location. But they have to write an adress where the company is. And in order to the fact that discord Users never come to teamspeak I just can agree with you. Discord has over 400 Employees (sure not only developers) but significantly more than Teamspeak. So the advantage of Discord is way too big

Believe you me, there are plenty of people that hate discord, but are forced to use it, due to friends or as a result of there being nothing else to use, which is not the case, but we’re talking out of popularity and ease of use/setup in this case.

I personally had to switch out TeamSpeak to Discord because of this, it is very hard to get users onto TS. A majority of the people I do get on Discord do not like it. There is hope, as soon as TS is fully out and operational I see no problem with people switching over.

TeamSpeak needs to stop this inconsequential attitude of not providing information to its users and actually take into account our feedback!


I love teamspeak and they make me wanna give up on them… I don’t even care if it’s bad news, I just need something. " We tried this, but didn’t get far. We plan on working on this until it is done."


Exactly @Donaramu

We just opened our Store - United We Stand - Store - Gamers Apparel have TS logo on the sleeves, makes we wonder if we’ve made a mistake. At least release the Beta to Public and release the web client making it easier for new ppl to join THEN go be silent, whats with the silence? Nobody has liked this, you don’t explain why and the times do you it’s a basic mediocre response. This is the exact same crap from 2-3 years ago and it hasn’t changed. I’d like to believe Lars message that they have something up their sleeve but they have disappointed so many times and for the 1000x time I’ll say it again we don’t want to be surprised! You are losing loyal fans each day you make us wait, we can’t even say “Hey Teamspeak is a small team but they communicate well with their fan base” even EA does a better job at communicating with its people…

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I totally agree with you! But at the moment we can‘t do anything to change something :frowning:

gamers appare? gamers appare? Doesn’t the owner of that site game? I think I use to play with the owner of that site, but for the life of me, I can’t remember his name off the top of my head. You know him? He is a little older than you and I. Also, the gear looks nice. I’ve been thinking of getting some stuff made up, but it would be limited. You guys have a lot more members than us. Also, I basically agree with everything you’ve said here.

At the moment i‘m very good with the beta client, but for me the „annoying“ thing is the missing communication between the developers and the community. Teamspeak has a very loyal community at my opinion which doesn‘t get the opportunity to help them in any way.

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Not sure about you but many of us went back to TS3 until they can include many of the things they removed from it and put back in. @Donaramu His actual name is Jamie (from the UK) not sure if that will ring a bell or anything.

So I am not just lost? I am also on the beta, but I was having a hard time finding a few areas.

As for his name,idk. If I remember right, he changed his handle often.

We need Perm server chat channels. How sould anyone switch to TS without the reason to have private perm chat channels. Of course, there are the TeamSpeak hosted chat channels but its also TeamSpeak Service hosted and not TS Server hosted. This is the only reason for PPL to switch again to TeamSpeak, bcs there would be the FreeSpech and no recorded or monitored chat messages which would be much better than discord which records all. I know TeamSpeak dont like this, they have enough often posted “We have the TeamSpeak Permanent Chat Channels” but yeah, thats not what the ppl want! They want a Permanent chat Without a connection to some TeamSpeak Servieces. Otherwise its the same sh?t which discord does.
Please TeamSpeak, Please Understand This!
We Want Independent Permanent Chat Channels For OUR Servers. Everything other is CRAP!!!
There is otherwise no reason for discord users to switch to TeamSpeak…

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How do I need to understand that? :face_with_monocle:

You can get permanent channels on these long-living public servers. Otherwise you’ll order a free server while having an beta access.

but honestly, i don’t get it.


I meant channels with a permanent chat. lol
Sorry for not writing this :open_mouth:

So you want that the chat does not get deleted after close/exit the client?
If yes: it’s already possible; my chat gets never deleted.


This is not what i want. I want serverside chat channels like the ones that offers teamspeak. Just serverside and not TeamSpeak Service sided. This should be like it is usual with every messenger. Make the messages available offline and reload the missing messages when the client comes online.

What you wrote is only you client. Which will not get anything which was posted after you close your client.