What is the status for next beta client?

When can we expect beta 26, has there even been any work done on TS3 since the outbreak???

well since people are checkin out - https://www.uwsgaming.com


TeamSpeak is a small company with a small developer Team. At the moment it takes some more time, so please be patient. :slight_smile:

What can you maybe expect: Client improvments and the Whisper Support will come. :slight_smile: Idk if this will come with beta26, but I think all of that will be released with beta26. :wink:


Maybe they’re working on a big update… :o


probably. :slight_smile:
please be patient. :slight_smile:
small developer team. :slight_smile:


I think many of us here have been pretty patient, we understand it’s a small team. I think what we want is clarity on what’s being worked on, etc this way we know what’s to come, even if you need more time, the worst thing to do as a small team is not say anything at all as if there is some super secret to be revealed.

We know of the roadmap, but we have no idea which aspect you are currently working towards, we don’t really know anything, example has there been any work done on the web client aspect? These are all very important things, example look at Escape From Tarkov, small team, did amazing work, and they released a quality game that has grown a great amount and they are very close to their community, I think Teamspeak should be doing this very same thing especially because you are a small team, you may not get a ton of work done quickly but at least being open clear and honest with your community you earn people’s respect and they will continue to support you and not jump ship to join your competitors.


Well said @TrunkzJr :slight_smile:

it’s been a long time since there was a beta client update


…sleeping… ZzZ

Hello team, I understand that there was the epidemic, but it’s been a while since we haven’t heard from you, all the other companies are showing signs of life but no you can tell us about say how are you doing projects going?

I wish you a good day

(Communication has never been your strong point and everyone tells you, but there is still no action-reaction which is always incredible)



We have basically no idea what’s going on. There’s also no official statement.
That’s the only post which I can provide to you:

You will see further informations in this thread.


Unfortunately, the team still didn’t understand that communication is the basis of a business, but hey, they decided not to listen to the community. Like the license system they say, your team. Your rules and yet we are limited to 32 locations.


I’ll hope for a few changes as well. :pray:


A lot of people do


Are there any information about the number of employees? Never saw something like this

Are you reffering to the twitter reply they sent?

Actually not really. 5.0.0-beta.26 was “released” or spotted some hours ago. Sadly there’s no client update to download it… I’m really wondering what’s going on right now.

You may can take a look at this post:

Thanks, I searched the internet for the number of employeed but didn’t find anything :smiley:
I still have no idea why they are so few employees. I mean they dominated the market of Voip for a long time :confused:

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According to the site https://www.owler.com/company/discordinc, Teamspeak has the opportunity to hire more developers (scroll down and look at the Top competitors or alternatives-Section)

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It’s not that hard to find out an estimated amount of how many Employees they company has, but I won’t go Into detail.

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I would rather care for the work they are into instead of caring about their no. of employees. I am disappointed by their marketing and management tactics. After 7 months of seeing nothing in the beta client which can be defined as progress they seems like they are still in early alpha phase with just the layout app ready.

No features updated.
I do not see any progress done in last 4 months on their Trello tasks either.

At least last year they were teasing TS5 features and using their social media platforms to actively attract users to their new platform but now even that is drop dead. (This happens when you cannot deliver your product to the public because its not finished yet.)

Either you got nothing new and attractive to portray and attract the public or you just lost track of this project and you are not willing to finish it anymore.