Why i cant disable the 'Automatic voice gain control'?

Where that option was gone on 3.5.3.

There is no AGC in Capture any longer. AGC is now in Playback.

When your own volume still goes up and down but the other user has no AGC in playback enabled, then your driver or hardware is doing this.

The local test mode has AGC for Playback enabled.


I’m sure 100% that diver has nothing to do with the volume change.

Why is that on the Playback and not on Capture where was in the first place ?
Why i need to increase my volume when i don’t speak to capture the Background sound.
Why when testing the MIC the volume of my MIC keeps Increasing ?

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That just just changes the volume only on the client side when receive a voice from others.
And that option is not boosting anything, just changes the volume of sound peer client.

My problem is that my Microphone keeps boosting and sending loud sound.
When testing the the microphone the background noise keeps increasing and when i start to speak is too loud. Why i can’t stop that with the AGC that was in Capture to stop this ?
Why you removed it. Is usefull.

Is a big differance betwen AGC and AGL.

Yes and no.

This is the part that is true.

This is not really true…

So the test uses AGC on your input (I guess to show how you sound to someone that uses AGC)
But in reality the unmodified audiostream is send to the server and only boosted at the receivers client.
Thus if someone complains about it he has to (update and) disable AGC in his playback options.

Not sure how that really works. If the Capture is detecting the sound intensity with the old AGC on or not.
I’m a little confuse how the capture testing is now because before i really know how my microphone recording should be sound with my microphone default boost from settings.

               |                              |
Microphone >---|-->-|------->-------->--------|------> Server
               |    |                         |
               |   AGC (always on)            |
               |    |                         |
               |   Test         |--AGC--|     |
               |    |           |       |     |
Headphone <----|-<--|-------<---|----<-_ \----|------< Server
               |                              |

I hope this little illustration helps a bit. AFAIK there is no way to really test your microphone without AGC atm (don’t ask me why).


So i found this to be annoying. If a person no speaking is busting his sound with the Background Noise like has the MIC in the wind and is cant hear other persons. When starting speaking still is EarRip because the AGL is too slow in first 200ms of something like that, and when is lowering his sound i think is too low instated to Normalize by the ‘Voice Volume Adjustemet’.

My idea was to geep the old AGC and add the Normalize the sound by ‘Voice Volume Adjustemet’ ?
Just to Normalize the tone if is more loud that ‘Voice Volume Adjustemet’ to prevent the EarRipe ?

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I have also problem with the AGC when I speak, TS turn my microphone level automaticly higher than normal and I’m too loud for other people and there is a big rustle in the background. On 3.3.2 the was the option to turn of the AGC… I miss it. Because im on a roleplay server and they use TS for communication and TS on 3.5 or higher is for me not usable…

did u find a solution? I have the same problem

This problem doesn’t exist when I playback the mic on windows. my voice will hold the same audio level.
In Teamspeak however, it will turn my voice higher and higher, until u can’t understand anymore.
I already disabled AGC on playback options but it won’t change it.

What can I do?

It could be that your microphone volume settings or your loudness from your voice is low and AGC (playback!) on other clients try to raise it to an acceptable level.

You may check that out.

That’s because there is no AGC feature or setting for your microphone in our client.


I don’t think is a fix. I don’t use TS anymore. That setting is awful.

Instated to be per client (like previous) and add an slider to adjust the boost, now is per other client.
And to be a Sound Normalize per other client.

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I agree 100%. Without that, TS was working absolutely fine and now this shitty auto-adjust is ripping the ears of my friends. We are using discord now, because teamspeak has become unbearable.

I have a little workaround for people who are as desperate as I was, but who are not yet willing to switch clients:
TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-3.3.2 works fine and does not have this stupid auto-setting.
You should be okay using that older version, with automatic voice volume leveling disabled…


just sayin :roll_eyes:

I also think that moving AGC to playback is really bad. Before people could enable it for themself if needed and if the “earrape issue” occured with somebody, you could just tell him to disable AGC. Now you have to decide whether you want AGC enabled for everybody or nobody. If Person A has the issue of getting too loud when not saying anything and Person B is too quiet without AGC, you’re pretty much lost since you can’t disable it for A and enable it for B (you had to tell them to do so before but then the problems were solved for everybody in the channel). Also you have to enable it for everybody, if only one person has mic issues and everybody else has perfect sound/volume…

Also, why would you want AGC when testing the Microphone??? If you have an Interface or something with adjustable mic volume, you can’t find the right volume without asking people on the server (who must have disabled AGC) or using third party software… And if your microphone is too quiet or too loud you might not even realize because of AGC, which is basically the opposite of what you want to achieve by testing the mic.
AGC should be an option for people who realize in the mic test that it has the wrong volume and are unable to do something about it, therefore it should be on the recording side and only enabled if really needed.

this version fixed it for me. thanks

not working. i tried many teamspeak version and only 3.3.2 works
i guess after they moved the button to another location the button somehow bugged and is not working anymore. or why the button works in version 3.3.2 but not in newer versions?

NO! There is no AGC in capture code active.

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there must be something broken