Why would most people use TeamSpeak 5 over Discord?

Why would most people use TeamSpeak 5 over Discord? Or more importantly, how do I convince my friends to move over to TeamSpeak 5? The only compelling reason I can think of is better privacy using a self-hosted server, nothing more.

“The interface is very similar, but you won’t be able to chat with any of your friends on Discord, and you have to join a server to chat with someone. There is no ‘calling’ for direct communication.”

That’s not going to convince anyone.

“You never have to bother with the convenience of jumping in with your browser because installing an app on a shared device is always feasible.”

Wait. Isn’t that a little backwards?

“Just like with Discord, you can create a free server… with only 4 slots.”

That doesn’t do it.

“TeamSpeak is better because instead of creating a server with a couple of clicks, I can download and install a software package, go through a slightly complicated configuration procedure, and spend some time figuring out why my router won’t let people connect. Then, once the server is up, I can spend some money on a license fee if I need more than 32 slots and be tasked with proving the validity of my license every time I start my server. I’ll host it on my gaming computer. This way, every time my computer crashes, Windows automatically reboots my computer, whenever my residential internet service goes down, or I’m simply using too much bandwidth, the server goes down.”

I’m not even going try to count the number of reasons that is not a selling point.

I’ve been a TeamSpeak user ever since the days of TeamSpeak 2, even on Linux when TeamSpeak 2 would hog the sound card. One of the things I’ve always liked about TeamSpeak is the simple and clean user interface, the exact opposite of Discord. It seems with this new TeamSpeak 5, the simplicity is gone. It seems the developers of TeamSpeak, in a bid to compete with Discord, have mimicked the Discord user interface which I would think most TeamSpeak users wouldn’t want, and have done nothing to improve TeamSpeak’s strong points of server self-hosting and privacy.

I have only seen TeamSpeak 5 in YouTube videos, however the way I see it see it, TeamSpeak has shot itself in the foot with TeamSpeak 5. Should I get invited to become a beta tester, I would be glad to have the opportunity re-evaluate my observations.


and better quality of voip and connection

nah, ts free servers only for beta testers and it will be deleted after the beta

nah, you can chat any online friend after you added them to your friend list in ts5 whitout join any server via ts services.

more user = more bandwith :slight_smile:
creating server is very fast but if you want a great config well… yes this a couple of click :smiley:
if you dont know what is port forward or you just you don’t know how should i do it, then there are cheap hosting…
not a good idea to host a server for a bigger community on your pc , better search a hosting :slight_smile:

ts is not like dc :smiley:
and you can use ts3 instead of ts5 :slight_smile:
ts3 will continue to be developed, you are free to decide which clients want to use, 2 client same server :slight_smile:
and privacy is still better than dc :smiley:

oh one more thing

if you don’t want to spend money on it just search a big server and join with your friends , they might need a clan section or something…

teamspeak is they were forced to do a new client becouse most of user went to discord becouse privacy was not the point, just flashy surface and simple permission system and hundreds of bots which no one check.

its simple for me, if i want demanding and reliable app i choose ts .
dc is ok, but not to voip just for a simple forum…
if you want to play with many ppl on voice chat then ts is better decision
i think ts is the best for voice chat , dc is the best for a forum
dc isnt free if you want better voice quality …etc
many clans returned to our ts becouse 10+ ppl couldn’t talk and had great lagg on dc (free server)

ts better for voice chat for larger communities
dc for teams of 3-5 people voicce chat or many just to write


From what I understand, everyone will get a free 4 slot server, but beta testers will keep the free 10 slot even after the beta, they will all just be wiped. A staff member can correct me if I’m wrong.


oh , im curious :open_mouth:
I may have misunderstood.
so far I knew they would all be deleted :thinking:
@Adam ?


I am not Adam, but you can find general (non-specific) information about free servers on https://new.teamspeak.com/, in the The All-New TeamSpeak section.


As it says in the client : ‘The server may be restarted or wiped at any time during the beta period’. That said, we don’t anticipate wiping them at this point, and we try to minimise downtime as much as possible.


I think what we are trying to figure out is if beta testers will get the 10 slot server even after beta ends


I will not speak instead of everyone
but for example I like the design more.
And design is very important to me
Because it is the comfort of use.


10 slots beta server is for testing purposes, it’s not a " free for life" gift.
If the point of be a tester is enjoy the 10 slots free server then you are missing a great point (help the devs sending info about the use and issues of that free server).


I don’t think anyone was saying that? Well, I’m sure some people were. I’m more curious because I haven’t seen clarification.

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It is clear that discord is now a competitor on the market. But it used to be the same with Ventrilo and Mumble. Nevertheless, everyone used TeamSpeak 2 (in the past) and why? Ventrilo licenses were expensive back then and the NPL license (formerly NPO license) was great and free for the gamer community. Sponsoring was also allowed. And how is it now? There is no sponsoring anymore. The NPL licenses are limited to one server and even the registrations are closed. Big community’s were forced to switch to another software or invest money. This was Discords chance and they took it. Why? Because TeamSpeak rested on its monopoly status.

I think the conditions should be reduced regarding the NPL license. Sponsoring should be allowed again. That would make TeamSpeak more popular again and gamers would have servers available again. People who don’t know anything about physical servers and have no real community will continue to rent servers. The same for companies. But please stop destroying communities by reducing and changing the NPL licenses.

My opinion is: TeamSpeak has to be made more attractive for gamers. You should start with the licenses and allow sponsorship again. The rest comes automatically. The TeamSpeak community used to provide their own physical servers for sponsoring. These were not costs for the company TeamSpeak.


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How would they make any money under your idea to even fund the creation of the software?

TeamSpeak is sponsoring communities/people, by providing free licenses and promoting them.

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How did it work before with making money until 2012? They made money even though the NPL were not so strictly guarded.

I’m just sayin that discord has a better solution in this case for the gamer communities. I’ve been using TeamSpeak since I can remember and I just think it’s a shame that others change the software because of such a reason… But okay…

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How does Discord make money? They don’t. They’re funded by VC firms.

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That was not the question. The question is how TeamSpeak will be more popular again. I am a TeamSpeak fan. So f*** of DC…:smiley:


Great response.

Top notch fan.

NPL was abused time and time again, the ability to get one was too easy which was why it was abused and honestly I’m glad it’s gone. Their new sponsorship team is doing a great job and that’s the route they should go.

Y’all just want free stuff regardless of what information you have to give up to get it.

I wouldn’t say TeamSpeak isn’t popular, just people think it’s dated which TeamSpeak 5 will solve. People just need to get out of the mentality that everything should be ‘free’.


You’re right, of course. People usually want everything for free without paying a cent and that’s really not good and on one side cheeky.

I have an NPL since 2014 and before that I had one. I am and will stay loyal to TeamSpeak, so I always wanted to give something back to TeamSpeak. I have already opened several tickets with the request for a special license (I also pay for it) so I can or may sponsor other people’s servers with my own hardware in datacenter. This is how I got my first TeamSpeak 2 server ( 2008) and how I ended up with TeamSpeak. Unfortunately there are no special license offers for me as a private person. Of course there are many people who have misused the NPL license, but there should be some exceptions to allow people to open TeamSpeak sponsor communities again. But maybe I am alone with the statement and opinion.

Too bad, but I understand the economic aspect.



There’s no need at all for people to offer sponsorship individually to other organisations on TeamSpeak’s behalf, I can imagine TeamSpeak now having a good sponsorship team they may consider providing this to people who don’t have the knowledge to host their own server. But it’s a very simple thing to do now without any difficulty due to modern technology and how freely available the information is.

I’ve had an NPL, paid license for 4 years and now a sponsorship. I’ll continue to support TeamSpeak even if I’ve been critical of them over the years, but this whole argument that they should start giving everyone free licenses or servers is obscene. You can either have privacy or free stuff, not both.


I did not write anywhere that TeamSpeak should give everyone a free license. Please do not invent sentences that were never written here.

It’s okay if you have a different opinion. That’s what forums are for, to discuss it.

You can of course stay loyal to TeamSpeak in critical days (I do that too) but if it comes to the point where the gamers are all just using discord then you have to do it too. If you play online games on platforms then software is required. At the moment it is (partly) TeamSpeak and I hope it will stay that way. When it becomes Discord you will get a Discord connection from your mates and no more TeamSpeak IP. What do you do then? Stop playing the game? Or laugh at your teammates?

You have to face reality. If this is hard for you, I’m sorry.


I did not write anywhere that TeamSpeak should give everyone a free license. Please do not invent sentences that were never written here.

Did I say you did? It’s an argument people keep bringing up multiple times and I’m making a point that it’s the same problem with your suggestion.

When it becomes Discord you will get a Discord connection from your mates and no more TeamSpeak IP. What do you do then? Stop playing the game? Or laugh at your teammates?

You always have a choice, that wont go anyway as there will always be an alternative. The ability to decide is what’s vitally important, monopolies on anything are never a good thing.

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