Why would most people use TeamSpeak 5 over Discord?

Most people look at hidden ip option I guess like at discord. In teamspeak there is no way to hide ur ip adress. I mean it’s not bad that u can see someone ip if u are server owner. It’s really helpful for admins to recognize if someone uses vpn software.


discord is misery yet. Worst voice chat, as I call him homeless voip


Please excuse my naivete, but will TS5 still allow people just to have 32 slot servers without any changes?


Agreed, I’m waiting for a public beta test of TeamSpeak myself so that I can grab my active folks and enjoy some good chatting together. I’d gladly keep Discord as a mobile-only solution, their optimisation and privacy is not serious enough for a primary PC / desktop where lots of sensitive data might be stored or high-requirement games or software might be running.

In its current form all it needs is the stuff TeamSpeak3 had - and from that stuff to be precise I mean the permission system.


It’s already there.

The GUI is possibly still missing from the new client but the majority of the permissions system is handled on the server side.

You could even use a third party GUI to configure permissions via the query interface and drop good old TeamSpeak 3 right now.

So much for being “precise”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

first of all

because the main language in the forum is English.

Otherwise I can recommend TeamSpeak Features, where you will find some differences to Discord, etc.

Nevertheless I think you have created an interesting poll.

Hi Cornelius,
I will of course translate the survey into english, but I hadn’t had the time until then. Of course I can understand you so that it can be filled out for several people, I think so too.
I will complete it as soon as possible.

Also I want to thank you for the recommendation of the other category, but this post is a poll to show what the community says, because there are many inaccurate polls on the internet that only contain one question.

I hope I could help you ;)!

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I’m happy to see that 10 people have already taken part in the survey, but that’s still not enough :frowning:

Therefore I ask you to send this link ==> ==> https://forms.gle/SwhSci2M8aztRpbi7 <== <== <== to all friends and acquaintances who also use or have used TS and/or Discord to make the survey even more accurate.

I thank you for every survey and I am looking forward to present the results soon, until then we have to get enough people together.

I thank you, and wish you a nice day!

For any problems, I am at your disposal as always!


for better support!

If privacy is really an issue - why would anyone go with a closed source software though? We can’t really be sure it’s secure if there’s no code audit.

On the other hand side it seems that privacy is a non issue to 99,9% of the people - otherwise mumble would have taken a much bigger share already.
It’s free, much easier to host, uses less resources and has a better rights management from my experience.

So I’m actually not sure if privacy will be the main selling point.

That said I do fear what OP said is true. I do host my own teamspeak server since ages and it’s less and less people willing to even join.
Plus if you wanna use mobile you have to buy the app which, let’s just say needs lots of improvement. I had issues with it on both iOS and Android.

On top of that I haven’t even gotten a beta invite since years now. Makes you wonder what the driving force will be to really turn around the fanbase if even long time users can’t really get into teamspeak anymore.

Honestly the ONLY reason where I see teamspeak as leading is that you can literally join the voice in multiple servers.
That to me is kinda a really cool feature if you’re a community hopper.
However, thanks to never getting a beta invite I’m not even sure if TS5 supports that…

No worries there, you can still do that and hang out on multiple servers like you used to (e.g. music on one server and talking on another server as well as listening to another conversation on another server).

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Simple TeamSpeak is and has been the best voip for the last decade you cant deny that. safety is the number one reason.

discord is only flavored currently has you have to have some what of a brain to use TeamSpeak and well the other one is a one click brainless wonder

Discord is collecting for data for big company like Google for exemple. And they make money out with Nitro membership with a animated profile, nitro boost. But Teamspeak, is teamspeak. Teamspeak is not collecting soo much data, they keep privacy more than possible. And they made money by paid hosting solutions. Like hosting from a MS Azure dedicated cloud services.

For Teamspeak is not easy for these workers. But they do all the possible to make thier products great again. Im not worried about the team behind Teamspeak, beacause a ton of communities like Gmod Servers for exemple, use Teamspeak for get contact with others players without the needs to get an account.

Teamspeak is not dead yet, beacause there still community severs was powered by the app.

Yeah i know there Guilded who was going to try kick Discord and TS out with gaming guild features. But Teamspeak still be chosen by Guilds and communities servers. And TS is a lightweight app great for gaming!

I don’t see how i can get any of my mates to switch from Discord back to TS if TS5 is coming out…in…15 years or so. The train is just gone. Even i with my own TS Server who disliked Discord in the beginning, is now active on 5-10 different discord Server. Why? Because it’s there with all the features TS3 does not have. And that for YEARS now. TS5 will come too late to play a major role on the market. And thats a shame but i understand why no one will swtich. And nothing will change here. TS had a great chance in this pandemic, to just get the ■■■■ together and finally go public with the TS5 Beta but they even failed here. IF TS5 ever will go public, no one will care anymore. TS5 is like Duke Nukem. In development for ever and if its finally there, its already outdated again. It’s a shame. I even do not know anymore when i first read something about TS5, it’s so long ago already, its crazy.

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there is currently no incentive to choose teamspeak as your main voip.
Switched with my community recently to discord and despite some hickups - its much more convenient.

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Honestly, I’m starting to lose the fire as well for Teamspeak. Been crusading for it during the Discord boom, and still do against Discord. But now Guilded came out, revamped itself, and it seems it took all of Discord’s app appeal + the Teamspeak voice structure. This includes a main voice channel + multiple sub-voice channels in 1 voice server (vs Multiple voice channels), whisper keys and Broadcast hot keys (you can speak to everyone in a Main voice server and their sub voice channels).

Besides Teamspeak’s more in-depth permission system allowing for greater roles than what the others provide, I am not sure what else Teamspeak can offer that isn’t already covered by Discord or Guilded. The future seems to be a competition between Discord and Guilded type of apps, with Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Mumble in the past, from a bygone era.

I agree with the sentiment that Teamspeak, at it’s current pace, will be “released” a bit way too late, when all their ‘unique’ features would already be implemented by other apps. Where the only difference is finer details (e.g privacy vs being the product, self-hosting vs not) - not sure if that’s enough to convert people over.

I wanted to chime in to share the same sentiment. I always believe that in this market, there should always be a competitor where the rivalry just inspires further innovation and quality in its product. There’s just no alternative to Discord at the moment and I’m always checking back from time to time to see what’s up with Teamspeak. Like many of us, I was one of those kids who switched often between Ventrilo, Teamspeak and Mumble. As soon as Discord came to existence, I immediately jumped the train and knew this was going to be big, mainly just from its feature rich chatroom.

I am saddened that there’s nothing yet but I continue to have some sort of hope that Teamspeak will make some sort of dent in the VOIP industry. Otherwise, Discord will just enjoy being a monopoly. And now even further with the Microsoft acquisition if that goes through.

I just don’t really understand the direction of the new TeamSpeak client, the (seemingly, maybe I just don’t know) extraordinarily slow pace of development, and the lack of interest in even trying to attract new gaming communities/customers. Maybe I just can’t see those outreach efforts, but to me it seems like TeamSpeak is just going through the motions without a pilot to the ship.

I love the abilities offered by TeamSpeak, I think it has something meaningful to offer, but there isn’t much communication on long term direction (which isn’t the end of the world but when coupled with everything else can exacerbate other issues), little to attract new parties, and there isn’t enough here for me to interest casual gamers.

There are so many ideas that just make sense that would allow TeamSpeak to drastically reduce the barriers to entry for new users, make server management far, far easier, many plugins which implement basic features which could/should just be incorporated into TS itself, etc. I have to ask, where is the vision? Why does it seem like third parties are the only people trying to seriously innovate on the platform? If the argument is TeamSpeak is spending all its resources on the new client, then what is there to show for that? The new client doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to completion or even truly being a beta, its release felt like an Alpha with core TS features missing.

I am not angry or frustrated, I just see a lot of potential and I want the team to take advantage of it and bring TeamSpeak into line with what people expect of such a platform. I love developing for the platform, even though the documentation isn’t always so great, it allows for a lot. I want TS to succeed as a platform so I can keep up with that.


My friend, there are not as many teamspeak developers as discord, and they need more time to fix bugs and add new features. TeamSpeak has a responsive and understanding community that helps in finding and fixing bugs, adding new features and plugins. Many companies and gamers use teamspeak because they are confident in its reliability and quality, and if you add a screen display and a webcam, you can forget about the discord. Discord is not a competitor because it is huge, unstable and with a lot of unnecessary junk, things are only getting worse with each update (for example, new acid colors or extra animation in the profile). I am glad that even at the beta test stage, teamspeak 5 works more stable and more productive than discord. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol at this guy, I can deny it fully. We were using Teamspeak since 2003, left Teamspeak to join Discord in Aug 2020, I can assure you the audio, streaming, the base of people are far better than Teamspeak. We left because TS cannot offer what Discord does and by the time they ever do Discord will already be ahead of them. We went from 300+ members and in 1 year went to 4500+ members, on TS we were dropping an avg of 15 players in voice channel each year, the devs might lack in numbers but they constantly hide and remained quiet over the years since the announced TS5 in what 2017 or so? We wasted so much time waiting, all their “hype” images, and it lead to them doing a visual upgrade with nothing of any real impact… I’m sorry if they want communities to return, Discord will have to do something really huge to upset gamers and TS has to offer something huge that Discord is not, ATM Discord is king and TS has become a mom and pop store to all the older users who continue to use it, which works for them thats great but new people or people like us who want to grow, TS is NOT the VOIP to do it on, I hope someone big like Steam or something buys them out…

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