Will we be able to use TS5 in a browser?

Couldnt find an answer here so I thought i should probably create a new thread.

Is it gonna use WebRTC as a standard protocoll? Considering that the whole thing seems to be based on chromium / electron (judging from a Node.js background process) and according to this guy (haven’t verified that) vue.js integrated as frontend development components.




It is part of their roadmap:

But I doubt it will come anytime soon.

Also, keep this in mind:


We provide this roadmap FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. All information is provided AS IS, without any warranty, and is subject to change without notice. TeamSpeak determines the development, release and timing of any of its features or functionality at its sole discretion. You should not rely on this roadmap and the contained information to make decisions.


Thanks for the quick answers :slight_smile: