Wish: Add Stream Deck support

Please add stream deck support

Can’t you just bind the stream deck to some random/strange character and use that to do whatever you want in teamspeak. (like Ã, Ã, ¢, â, ©)


This doesn’t work when you’re in game. Tried to bind it to F20 but unfortunately without succes when ingame

This is not how keyboard shortcuts work.

Applications can register a sequence of keys on a keyboard which - when pressed - trigger certain actions in the application. This has nothing to do with any characters which those keys may (or may not) produce.

But since many applications use the same keyboard shortcuts (such as [Ctrl] + [S] for saving files) and there are also “global” shortcuts (such as [Alt] + [F4] for closing applications), which application actually gets to process the pressed keys depends on the state which the computer is currently in.

Therefore, TeamSpeak may never “see” that a certain key combination was pressed if a different application like a computer game is currently running in the foreground.

The stream deck however is not a keyboard. It’s an independent input device and all key presses on the stream deck go more or less exclusively to the Stream Deck software. If there was a native TeamSpeak integration for the Stream Deck, the software could “talk” directly to the TeamSpeak client without having to rely on keyboard shortcuts.


This could solve the writing of the ts3 plugin (just as there is already a plugin for the gamepad binding).

And there is already a Stream Deck Plugin for TeamSpeak 3 :slight_smile:

Here is a Link: Releases · ZerGo0/streamdeck-teamspeak3integration · GitHub

I hope so, that StreamDeck will be supported in the TeamSpeak 5 Client in the Future. :slight_smile:


@LeonMarcelHD Leon has created a nice plugin. Works quite well for me.

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