Wrong Flag on all Teamspeak Servers!

Hello i had yesterday an Russian Federation Flag like for 3 Months. Today i have an Ukrain Flag and i dont use an VPN-Programm. Can somebody help me?


I feel your problem as well.
Take a look at this thread and try to support it, if you want to see further changes and updates.

We honestly need to wait.

Please send an E-Mail to [email protected] with your IPv4 address range and tell them to fix your location. You may need to send an traceroute too. I guess it’s germany, so give them some details.

Only this company can apply changes, and not we (as users).

But you may try to send an e-Mail; for an update basically.


Short version

You must ensure that ip2location knows the location for your IP and the server owner must update his server to latest version or wait for the next update

Long Version

We use an external service to resolve the country for users. This service needs a database, which is included in the server. Actually this is hardcoded and can not be replaced/updated from you.

We put the update of the country database into the server, when a new server was released.
So always use the latest server to ensure it’s the latest DB, before reporting here.

Here is the way to solve this problem for a future server release. If the latest server did not solve your problem.

  1. Visit http://www.ip2location.com/free.asp
  2. Enter your IP and check the result
  3. Send your update and location to [email protected] in case your country differs on the page.

Please don’t contact ip2location, when the page already shows the right country.

We grab and use their updates, when we release a new server version.
There is nothing more, that we or you can do here.

I Repeat.
You (the server host) must install the latest server.
Wait for a newer version when you use the latest server already to get a new country database.

The server weblist, will also be updated once per month. There is nothing you need to do here.


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