3.6.0 – Sound peaking problem

This bug still seems to exist.

Ok so it is obviously not allowed to post critical stuff.
So all I can say is: yes, the issue still exists, even after almost a year. And I don’t think this will be fixed in the future. at least there’s no communication from the Dev-Team regarding this anymore.

I think it will be solved in the future, but the TeamSpeak team is more focused on the TeamSpeak 5 client and the TeamSpeak 3 is not a priority right now.

But as far as I know, this issue also concerns TS5, right? TS5 is also using the AGC feature.
and since LeonMarcelHD stated, that this issue was assumably “ported” from TS5 to TS3, I guess it is also bugged in TS5 right now.

I am still facing this issue on 3.6.2… makes teamspeak unusable for me.

The only Option would be to downgrade
your TeamSpeak client to an older version,
until the problem is resolved. :frowning:

we switched to discord and closed our server, since i don’t want to have old software without updates on my computer (since TS5 is not an option).
From my perspective Teamspeak had over 2 years to fix it (i posted a link to the my original blog here) so i am sure they will never fix it.

I am pretty sure we will not come back.

Goodbye guys

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@TS.ChrisR It’s been a while since the last response to this problem and the last release (3.6.2) still has the problems. This thread is now almost 1 year old. When can we finally expect an update? It’s no longer acceptable that all users are forced to downgrade to 3.5.6 to avoid the risk of other people’s ears being blown out from under their headsets…
The core element of teamspeak has been bugged since 3.6.0 and nobody seems to care about this problem… What is teamspeak good for then? To exchange text messages or files? Please do something! Even if it’s removing the latest releases so that people finally stop unknowingly updating to these buggy releases… But please do something!