Sound issues when someone starts talking

Hey guys,
not sure if somone already asked a similar question but here is my problem:

If someone in my channel starts talking I can hear a blob sound. That lasts only 0.5secs.
Its difficult to describe but it sounds like the sound is bass-boosted.
This sound does not appear in Discord but in Teamspeak 3 and 5

EDIT: Looks like the sound overdrives when someone starts talking
Happens with and without Automatic Volume Control



Here is a example sound file:


With client beta 69 this may be fixed.

When client update was released (should happen next week), open the Dev settings and enable “Playback AGC Experimental” .

To get into the Dev settings you need to type dev into top search bar.
You could activate it with b68.1 already and experience a better behavior.


next week update? Cool :smiley: I hope it fixed the agc problem :slight_smile:

Sadly this issue still exists…

With normal or experimental AGC?
Have you tried both?


Ye I tried both but I can’t here a difference there. The sound bug can be heard with both settings. But the user volumes change when i switch it

Hmm, OK.

  • Can you give us more details about your Operation System and Playback device(s)?
  • Does it still happen when you turn AGC off?
  • Does this happen too all clients (users) you are talking to? Are they all on TS5 or TS3 with version 3.5.6?
  • In case it happens with one or two users only: Do their Microphone / driver have AGC enabled (do not mean in client!)

Off-Topic: Which of the AGCs would you prefer after using it for a while?


We are all using Win10 (Not sure which version). I’m using 21H2. Everyone uses TS3 3.5.6 / TS5 latest-beta(68/69). We are around 5 people. Nearly everyone can hear it on everyone.

  • Hears / produces problem
    Klinke-headset (JBL)
    usb-mikro(Toner TC30)
    Think no AGC
  • Hears not / produces problem
    usb-headset steel arctic pro
    usb-mikro HyperX QuadCast
  • Hears / produces not problem
    usb-headset logitech g pro
    *Hears not / produces problem
    Logitech G Pro X Wireless
    *Hears / produces problem
    klinke-headset beyerdynamic mx-300

I Don’t think, that anyone has another AGC activated

I’m realy not sure, if the experimental is better xD I would say, I do not dislike it :smiley: I have to test it more

The problem still exists

however, i wonder why no one else has this problem

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I use TS5 permanently and another colleague also uses TS5.
All others with the problem have switched back to TS3. There is not the problem!
With him the mentioned problem came up until today only once and that extremely loud (last week was that).

Otherwise, I must correct myself:
Since SchnitzelMS has addressed the problem. I also hear the problem, but not so loud. It comes it goes the problem. With me, it’s so minimal that I get that faded out in my head, but it’s THERE!

The last update with AGC has improved it minimally.

I really hope Teamspeak will address the problem and come up with a fix. Well actually I’m pretty sure Teamspeak can do it :slight_smile:

But I’m also surprised that until today I haven’t read another post about it.

If my hardware is interesting:
Onboard sound chip: Realtek® ALC1220-VB codec
Mainboard: Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro (rev.1)
Headphones: Senheiser RS195 (Connected with SPDIF)
Microphone: Anthlion Mod Mic Wireless (USB Dongle)
And using Nvidia Broadcast for Filtering the Mic :slight_smile:

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I too have this issue and have had it at least since this post.
Based on my testing, it’s caused by the TS5 client of the person speaking. Does not happen when the speaking user is using TS3. Also seems to happen with everyone that uses the TS5 client.

Doesn’t matter if you are on TS3 or TS5.

Closing this thread. Relevant AND more up to date topic is here

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