Can’t put icon on server group?

Hello. I’m going issues with assigning icons to groups. It tells me I don’t have permissions but I’m on my server admin one. I setup a server with my server admin/owner key and its also gone now on my specific account and i cant edit icons as itr says not enough power or vice versa

i dont know if i lost the server admin port or owner with my original privilege key. Im just tryan edit my icons and assign them to a place.

Please check your permissions then. Read below and search for Icon. 3 Perms should show up.

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Since my permissions are correct according to what I’ve read, why am I still receiving an error as a “owner”? I’ve heard that occasionally, if your server admin icon doesn’t appear, there might be a problem with the privilege key.

I continue to receive a low permission modify power. I also noticed that the “cilent can change channel cilent icons” on the server admin settings page are grayed out, and when I checked them, I received the message “you are about to remove grant privileges from the server admin group and are a member of this group,” which struck me as odd considering that I am the highest role we have and cannot edit my own server.

I can only guess so please show the overview as I did request in the other post as well.

This is a one time use key.
So you used it and is gone or nobody used it yet and isn’t in any group.

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all id id was make the server admin thing but now there is no group for it or whatever

I have no idea what you did. It sounds like you messed up groups and or permissions.
The way to small output from the overview is not enough to see anything.

I suggest to reset groups and permissions to get a working state.

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