Could not open file transfer connection


If you operate the server yourself, make sure that the file transfer port (30033 by default) is enabled.

Otherwise, contact your server provider.

From this guide you will see the required ports

i open all needed ports i test it on 8 diff servers and i still have that issue.

The port must be forwarded to the right IP on the server.
This is not a client issue.


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Hellos everyone i have an issue like title say , the idea is that i wanted to change my avatar ,not uploading a new one , i had an avatar in the past , when i first try to upload it i have this issue

then after i try again an error in the log appears and it says this.

can i have what solution to fix it? thanks a lot in advance.

Hey @JaldoReX

Port for file transfer is not opened for the right IP


Which ports does the TeamSpeak 3 server use?

TeamSpeak 3 Clients will contact the server in the following ways: Service Protocol Local Port (Server) Remote Port (Client) Voice UDP 9987 …

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Excuse me how is that Fixed ? should i reinstall TS or i should contact the server’s admins?

Have you tried to set the Avatar on a another server?

i don’t have any other server to be honest to try.

is this your server?

no it’s not my server , i am a guest/member in it

Then please contact the Server Administrator. 30033/tcp.
So he have to open this port in his server’s firewall.

thanks a lot , i will do that

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Is the file transfer port open?

When i go to upload a icon to my role that i made it says this message:

Transfer “icon_3347185561” reports: (could not open file transfer connection)

You need to open the File Transfer Port:

TCP: 30033

how do i open it

Like you open any port on your router?

Maybe this helps you:

i am using the 30033 port for file trasnfer port do i change it to something else or what

Did you forward the port as TCP?

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