Encryption backup key?

I seem to have lost all the pictures in the rooms of my team speak which have been replaced by a red circle with a line going through it. my notification centre is saying the following,

myTeamspeak notification
Unable to decrypt data please,
apply encryption back up key

All fine and dandy but wtf is this key? Where do I get it? How do I apply it?

TeamSpeak is far too complicated for the self taught non IT person (you know, Joe Public).

Can anyone help me before I throw a beer glass at my computer screen?

This message appears, when you did resetyour password as an example.
You have to enter the key that the client gave you after first login. That you hopefully wrote down.
Just click on the message or the status bar icon to open the Recovery dialog.

Without the key you must use fallback to reset your account. This will clear your account items (Bookmarks & identities) and the client generates a new key
The client will upload the current cached items into your account.

This Thread can help you out

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thanks for the reply but this is as clear as mud to some one who does not know much about computers. Are you talking about the privilege key and who is the ‘client’ you refer to? if I pressed this fallback option would I lose the items on the team speak that all my clan members can apparently still see?

The missing (red circle) images have nothing to do with the notification. They’re completely separate things.

The missing images, are because you don’t have that image cached anymore (either cleared cache in the settings, or reinstall / new machine for example) and the original location doesn’t have the image anymore. Others still see them because they have a local cache copy of them.

The error about not being able to decrypt your account data is caused by you resetting your account password on the website. Your synchronized data is encrypted with your account password when you created them / put them in your account. Now that the password of your account does not match the password the data was encrypted with it cannot be decrypted. That is why the client will ask you for your most recent recovery key that you were given (either when you first logged in to your client or when you requested a new one).
You can enter that recovery key by double clicking the exclamation mark in the bottom center of the client window. That should open a new dialog asking for the recovery key. If you don’t have one there is a button to do a fallback (which will erase everything in your account).

In more layman’s terms (semi bad analogy ahead), basically you put all your bookmarks and identities into a safe at a bank, but forgot the pin for it and cannot access it any longer. You could open the safe with a physical key that the bank handed it when you got the safe. But you also lost that key. As such all the stuff that is in the safe cannot be accessed ever again and you will need to get a new safe and start from scratch.


mate, team speak is far too complicated and needs a degree to use it. I cannot even see this f*****g exclamation mark!!! I think the clan is going to have to slum it on a free discord from now on and ill cancel my team speak account.