Error in logs: TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111

Hello, everyone,

For a few weeks I’ve been getting the following error in the logs:

TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111

Can I ignore that? So far everything works, but my license will expire soon, not that it won’t be renewed again. At that time there was also a problem with some servers :confused:

Network errors never should be ignored.

A port is not opened or firewall blocks the server from connecting to our service.

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Hello Chris,

this can not be, because I have this error message even if I temporarily disabled our firewall.

Then I assume a port may still be not forwarded to right IP or an address can not be reached from the machine.

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Is there any chance that the error comes fro the serverlist which is down? Cause i also keep getting the same error from the day that there was an issue with OVH and TeamSpeak.

Also had this thought and let a server running for ~30 minutes with reporting enabled.
But no related error in my log. At least for me.

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In my case it shows up every 10 minutes so i assumed it’s the serverlist. And that’s the reason why i haven’t reported it. If i disable the “show in serverlist” this error stops showing up.

Your’s is definitely the we list. Tnx

Does your error also appear with 10 minutes in between?

In that case the error can be ignored. The only way to fix this locally is to turn off reporting.

Pokes @Five_Alive

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Yes, exactly all 10 Minutes.

No. it’s exactly doing what it should in such case.

As i wrote turn off reporting whilethe weblist is not reachable and you are fine.


How do I do that? I could not figure that out by googling so far…

The same thing happens on my server for a couple of days now:
2022-11-28 15:27:21.004107|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 15:37:11.004107|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 15:47:09.645072|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 15:47:11.004099|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 15:47:13.004098|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 15:57:09.659061|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 15:57:11.025127|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 15:57:13.004100|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 16:07:09.742138|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 16:07:11.004104|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 16:07:13.023312|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 16:17:09.741174|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 16:17:11.004108|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 16:27:09.760423|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111
2022-11-28 16:27:11.004106|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Send failed error: 111

Although my Server has no failed DNS requests:
2022-11-28 17:47:13 AAAA myteamspeakserver OK (cache) NODATA (0.0ms)
2022-11-28 17:47:13 A myteamspeakserver OK (answered by IP (16.1ms)

In client or with ServerQuery/Webuery you can change this server setting.