I get `Too many whisper targets`

Hello, my TS3 was updated today and we get an error when whispering. “Too many whispers target”

Not a bug. That’s by design.

The default value should be 100 and depends on the server settings.
When you raise the Min clients in channel before silence (Misc tab) to bigger number then the error should disappear.

~This is when you have more than 100+ targets in your whisper list.
Do not know the exact number.~


hello we had the same mistake. on the other hand I do not find this setting. How can we correct the error. Thank you

right click on the server -> edit virtual server -> open “more” -> misc

There, adjust the “Min clients in channel before silence”. This value determines howmany whisper targets are allowed max (and also for normal talking in channels how many clients may be in the channel before silence is forced). If you set this to e.g. 99999 you should never have forced silence (but you will burn a lot of bandwidth when talking to so many clients, so beware )


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