Message will be replaced with placeholder

I have been sending the placeholder “Enter Chat Message…” more often lately instead of my message or link. The written messages are replaced with the placeholder and randomized by frequency. The problem is known to me since the first alpha with TS5 support.

Version: [Beta] 3.6.0 (26.10.2022 12:54:15)
Plattform: Windows



This is an issue which did exist in 2012 already but never could be reproduced. But thanks for the report.

The issue differs in 3.6.0 and we can reproduce it and will fix it.


I believe “Enter Chat Message…” is supposed to be placeholder text. It’s not meant to be copyable or look like text that I typed myself.

In the latest client version, even when I’m typing into the text box, the client occasionally replaces my input with the text “Enter Chat Message…”. Note that it does NOT clear the input text and show the “Enter Chat Message…” as a placeholder (in grey text and in italic) – it actually replaces my input with the literal text “Enter Chat Message…”. This results in data loss of whatever I was typing, and can also result in the wrong message being sent (when I type my text, but then the replacement happens just before I hit Enter). This is really annoying.

Anyone else seeing this? Happy to record a video if not.

This is an issue which did exist in 2012 already.

I somehow never had this issue until I recently updated my client. I had a two-year old version installed (not sure which version exactly, but it definitely wasn’t 2012 old :P). Are you sure it’s not new?

It is actually sad when the problem should be known since 2012 but it started after the update to the new version 3.6.0 and nobody believed me until now… finally more voices are coming.

I don’t have the problems with 3.5.6.

I somehow never had this issue until I recently updated my client. I had a two-year old version installed (not sure which version exactly, but it definitely wasn’t 2012 old :P).

I will try downgrading to 3.5.6 ( for win64)

The issue started happening on v3.6.0, I used older versions for years and this bug didn’t happen.
I think this issue is critical because it heavily affects the UX (I cannot write a single phrase without getting this dumb placeholder text appended).

I hope this gets fixed soon! For now, I will try to downgrade to 3.5 which worked like a charm.
I guess if it works, it’s better to not update.


After I updated to the latest version of Windows 10 64-bit this weird bug started to happen. The bug consists of where the thing I’m writing in the chat text input gets suddenly appended with this “Enter Chat Message…” string at random times (it doesn’t seem to be triggered by any of my user-end inputs).

It’s very bothering because it gets messages like “are youEnter Chat Message…” sent by mistake.

Hope this gets fixed soon!

Vicente Oyanedel M.

Thanks for the reference!
That’s the bug I’m having. I really hope it gets fixed soon.

Ever since the update when I try to send a chat it keeps replacing my chat with Enter Chat Message text
Is this happening to anyone else and is there a way to fix this or I got to wait for an update?

I am facing the same issue.

But for me it was rarely to see.

Oh ok glad it’s not just me I was worried something broke for me during the update or something

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This happened to me last night when I wanted to write a long text. But so far it hasn’t happened to me again. Does that happen to you often?

Yeah I type a lot cause my mic is a bit broken so it happens a lot

I have this issue as well. The bug affects heavily the UX, I really hope it gets fixed soon!
The previous version worked as a charm, IDK why I accepted the update ;n;

Has anyone managed to fix this?

I will put this topic back to discussion on Monday.

Has anyone in here a way to reproduce it? Doesn’t has to be a 100% how to.


Well this problem never happened all the years I have been using TeamSpeak 3
and suddenly starts happening right after upgrading, for me I don’t have to do much for it to happen it just constantly happens and I can’t type like I have to copy/paste and then press enter fast for it to work
But if it helps I might be able to use Windows Sandbox to narrow it down