Please remove IP2Location from your GEO location Database

I would suggest you to remove this shitty GEO location tool from your service. More than 80% of the current set locations are wrong, country flags mostly get’s flagged (or set as unknown) and the staff there is just preposterous and Incompetent.

Newly some User did had a problem with their location. And everytime when I try to change a IP location by contacting them, they’re giving my data’s to other companies for some reasons.



Latelly I don’t like this company either. Maybe it’s an great idea to remove this service, due of many mistakes in the last time.

And where do you have these facts from?


Well I had some experiences what many of the locations are just set wrong, so it’s not even close to be on the real location for some reasons. Literally I tried once to update an location but it didn’t really go well.



how about updating an location? They’re mostly not even responding to you, always hits an update every month and suddenly, many wrong ones in this case. Just like they’re giving your data to other companies, when you try to reach the support out there.

Didn’t you think about other services like MaxMind, neustar, IpRegistry or RIPE?
I bet they’re way more profesional.

I think you don’t really know how the assigned system at IP2LOC actually works. If there’s a new IP address spotted on IP2Location, then they’ll set it “automatically” to the location. But suddenly, most of the location are not even close to the GEO locations somehow.

After the IP range was set to an location, then you need to contact them manually to update it.Well I also had some worse experiences there, that’s why I would also remove this service.

Nah… I’m talking about the geo location including region & city. The country is mostly correct, that’s right but many server administrators have the problem, that their server is wrong located into another country, city or region (e.g. teamspeak weblist, which does show many wrong entry’s). That’s kinda annoying to “try” fixing an location. I also don’t really understand why the region & city is included in teamspeak, that’s not even useful. However; I’m just trying to get this fixed.

Fine to hear
I’m having some trouble to EU locations

The main reason is, because the Servers are also addicted to (check this thread) and you can’t disable it. That’s the main IP locate tool which is used by TeamSpeak and there’s no way to “disable it in my client”, however you’ve invented that.

Well I’m curious if we can see any changes… Maybe a brand new update to the geo-location database system? :face_with_monocle:

IP2LOC is now used for many years here, like always… it’s time for something new I guess…

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In my opinion, MaxMind should be used, are a lot more modern, reliable and have good support and forms for IP address corrections.


I would really choose MaxMind! <3 They’re modern, quick and are not so private, wrong and disrespectful overall!


Is there something that the management can do about it? :smile:



if you are in europe GDPR is in affect under gdpr you can request your data and tell then to forget me option done that to a company in the uk already

+1 for just an attempt at summing the problem up.

RIPE does not provide geolocation. They do not deal in cities, countries, timezones. They manage IP assignment to business entities. Period.

Except IP address is not owned by you, it is owned by your ISP.


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In this case, the RIPE database is good to see the owner of an specific IP range which should be located/routed in a datacenter. But yeah, they don’t really take a look to locations directly.

That’s the reason why I also would choose MaxMind overall, and hopefully not something like “IP2Location” which doesn’t really does his job…

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Hi again,

is this still getting observed? :confused:

Agree, it can’t be 100% accurate. But from my experience it has been good enough.

I still wish that if a client connects to a public server using non-route-able IP (like 192.168.x.x) the server would auto assign their region/country based on that of the server’s public IP. I’m not a fan of user’s seeing that someone is likely on the same local area network as the server because of unknown region indicator.

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Since the 13.05.2020:


You need to sign an statement in front of a notary public to change or fix an location.
This is way too much… :confused:

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Well now it’s 100% the time to remove IP2Location. Because of this crap, no user are able anymore to change or fix their location.

Literally NOBODY will sign an public notary or some shitty things like this.

Please get rid of it. You can fix so many issues from other server admin’s too.

I can not promise anything here, but can tell that we have that topic and all the feedback on our table.


As a suggestion…

maybe this product can replace IP2Location, it will basically hit & kill all problems to this area.

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