Push to talk permission

Hi. Im running Win11 pro on new laptop and installed the ts3 64 bit client. As soon as I start it up the application opens and then an information window opens in front of it and reads as follows: Turning push to talk on, “force push to talk” permission was assigned. I cant click ok. I cant shut down the program, even through task manager takes several attempts. I would like to keep using the Beta version just dont like that you cant customize like the ts3. look at jpg attached. In the news banner it says to use the 64bit version if experiencing problems but I have the 64bit installed. Thanks in advance

You need to enable Push to Talk in your settings and after that you need to assign a hotkey. Just click on the Box with the text “No Hotkey Assigned” and select a key which you then need to press when you wanna talk.

Background Story:
The Server you joined forces you to use Push To Talk method. If you have a way to reach out to one of the Admins they might give you a Group or remove the Permission so that Push To Talk is not forced on you.

TS5 still ignores the request from the server and therefore you are able to talk in TS5 but not in TS3
→ Bug report of this behaviour VAD Doesn't comply with Force Push To Talk Channel - #2 by TS.ChrisR

The news banner is the same for everyone, even if they are using a 64-bit version

There may be another Modal Dialog behind the Force PTT information.
You may move this dialog to see and close the one that was behind.

Modal Dialogs do Block the UI till closed.

Saw unknown disconnected, if that’s always the case then something else breaks client already. Maybe a plugin?

Try safemode to deactivate plugins if above with dialog did not work.


Did what you said with -safemode. Still shows same dialog box. I was never able to put any plugins because I never got that far. Im also for now using the ts5 beta but i dont like that some of the options in ts3 are not avaible in ts5. Should I uninstall both and delete any files and folders associated with them?

  • And what about the first lines of my reply? That wasn’t about plugins.
    The dialog is meant to show up. So I that’s not an issue at all.

Can you try the same in latest client?

  • TS3 & TS5 do not use same folders and can exist and be used on same system.

Edit. Just had an idea…

…what else you could try is following. But I still think there is another dialog behind this one blocking it and moving dialogs will solve this.

  • Download the server and start it
    TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak
  • Do not close the dialog where the Privilege Key is shown
  • Connect to address localhost
  • Copy and use the Privilege Key
  • Open the permissions tab
  • Add permission b_client_force_push_to_talk to Server Admin group
  • Now select do not show again in the dialog and close it.
  • Connect to the other server.