Radio FX no longer working

I just noticed that Radio FX the addon has stopped working for me and couple of other people. I’ve tried to reinstall TS, reinstall the plugin after uninstalling it and nothing has worked. This is more of a call to the creator to update the plugin so we can start using it, but if anyone knows any good plugins like Radio FX then please contact me.


Some time ago, with probably update 3.3.0 for TeamSpeak 3, it was changed that every add-on must use API version 23. Probably the author of said add-on haven’t updated it, but you’ve updated your client and that’s why the add-on is not working.

Maybe try contacting the author, but no one knows what will happen.

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I think he said he updated it to API 23updated

and also It stopped working out of nowhere a week ago, with some people still being able to use it. It’s like some people can and others can’t

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@thorwe is the name listed as a creator. Maybe he’ll see this?

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I don’t think so, I have already contacted him via dms on TS, actively waiting on a response.

If anyone has the time to update it, it seems the source is here: GitHub - thorwe/teamspeak-plugin-radiofx: A TeamSpeak plugin that provides radio effects on incoming audio.

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I contacted him about a week ago and no response, so idk whats happnening with him rn.

It may be that the author dropped further plugin updates. If that’s a case, then the only thing is to make a update themselves, just as @EnigmaPatrick said.

We shouldn’t force anyone to do anything they might not want to do.
Right now just wait and hope, or try to update the plugin by yourself.

Also, as forum states, @thorwe (if he’s the author) is a TeamSpeak Staff person, so if that’s true, then maybe don’t disturb him…

I can be disturbed, things just take a while… :sloth:
Honestly, I don’t know yet, assuming the latest version from myteamspeak with the correct bitness should be working.
How does it show? Is there some error in the client log, what does the addon management view in TS3 show?


@thorwe This is the error I found in my Client Log.

3/13/2020 02:51:52 Radio FX Error Error checking if client is query.: invalid clientID

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Thank you for putting that in. I am at the office, but I can confirm, this is the only error that is thrown. I thought maybe API related, but doubtful?

I have a problem with RadioFX plugin after this update it simply doesn’t work. Plugin also doesn’t work with old versions of Teamspeak

Yeah your not the only one having issues, Its happening everywhere. I really hope they come up with a fix for this issue. I’d rather be listening to people talking into an Actual radio instead of listening to them as if they were 2 feet from ya.

Hope you are doing well in these rather tricky times.

I just wanted to know if you have had any luck on this, chum? :slight_smile:

Got a group of cop roleplayers on a wildly popular GTA server who are eager to have this excellent plugin back functional. If I knew a lick of code, I’d offer to help, but otherwise, I am in the wind on it.

Okay so as of 05/07/2020 the RADIOFX is broken, i don’t know how it became broken Maybe outdated or something?. But The issue about this is. When someone Speaks. Sometimes the RADIOFX will Kick in, Other Times your hearing people as if they’re right in front of you. (Update: RadioFx No longer working. I all i hear is clear Voices from other People.)

Update is up, changes under the hood and fix for it ignoring some clients.

I’m sorry things took a bit, and adding to that I’ve not spent an excessive amount on testing, but…ehr… :man_shrugging:

Have you tried Right-Clicking on the VC in TS3 and going down on the menu to enable Radio FX

seems like for me now radio fx is working but it is still broken if you are trying to use it with toko voip

It just started not performing. Every once and a while, RadioFX just won’t work. I will have my settings for it on and to what I want to sound like a radio. For some reason, the voices sound clear and RadioFX isn’t working.

A simple server restart will temporarily rectify the issue. It is caused by a bug with the client numbers. Thorwe fixed the issue, however it hasn’t yet made its way onto the MyTeamSpeak website yet as an update. If you use the RadioFx version from the github repo, you will not have the issue.