Select server location in teamspeak server list

To be able to select the geolocation of the server, my server is Argentine, hosted in Canada, but many people from Argentina enter. I want to be able to put my server in the teamspeak server list in my “Argentina” country.

This will never work.

Only decides where the Server Location is. You’ve no chance to change anything, as far the physical location is not in Argentina. Is it in Canada? Well sorry, this is how it is - The location is now spotted in Canada because of its physical datacenter location… You cannot change it.

You may take a look in this thread:


There’s still an chance to update your location as well. You need to sign an sworn statement in front of an public notary with an sign & stamp. You should contact your lawyer to finish these documents. And for a verification, you may need to send your ID as well - plus they’ll contact the notary and ask them to confirm it.

Send your documents to [email protected]

… that’s the process currently.

Check this out: Please remove IP2Location from your GEO location Database - #22 by MCG

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@MCG that’s not what this is about!

@LeiToH If you are talking about the free server provided by TeamSpeak for beta testers, this feature is (at least was) planned and might be added some time in the future.
If you are talking about any other provider however this is not possible and would make little to no sense.
You could talk to your provider and ask whether they can offer different server locations or switch the provider.

  1. Free servers (TS5) have no server list report
  2. They’re not hosted in canada or argentina, pretty sure.
  3. He has a server with its physical location in Canada - but many user’s from argentina, so he wants to get an server entry into the argentina server list (country filter)
  4. The reason why it’s from an canada datacenter with its physical location is, because argentina does not have the correct server hardware & mitigation - for sure (e.g. ddos protection)

Nah the main problem is, that the server is hosted in canada - but he’s in argentina and wants to show his server in the ‘argentina’-serverlist location filter, so users from argentina will join directly as well. Sadly, he cannot change or select his own server location, as far the server is not physical located in argentina.

That was his request; I don’t see anything else.

Honestly I’ve got the same problem.

My server is in France (OVH SGB) because of its strong DDoS protection and that’s why I see many users from France. But I want that peoples from germany will find the server because the native language of my network is german.

Sadly it’s not possible to select an server location by myself.

both are a little right but not entirely. What I was referring to is that if the technical team can add an option so that one can select their geolocation from their server, it does not matter where Canada, France, etc. is hosted. Change it to where you want to appear.
sorry for my English

That’s what I’m trying to say… it’s not possible. There will be never such a new geo-location multi select update. I can understand you to 100% but sometimes we have to see that the developers don’t have time for that.

There’s nothing decided yet about this matter… but I honestly think this is not going to happen at the moment.

At least they can try to change the default server list filters to an better one.