[Solved] Hosting a TS3 Server at home

So we agree that the 97.xxxxxxxx ip is from the router right ?

I got my external ip address from google by typing in what is my ip address. I double checked it by opening up the command window and typing in ipconfig.

yeah i understand but this ip is used by the computer 1 ?

yes computer 1 uses that as the external ip address and has as the internal ip address

Quick question i’m trying to reproduce your case actually.
Why would you use the ext ip while the local is working ?

good question

i was initially trying to test if the server was accessible from the outside world. When the client on computer 1 kept saying failed to connect to the server. I realized there might be a problem. So that was when I installed the client on computer 2 as a test.

This is simply down to your router.
It needs to support Hairpinning (Wikipedia).
When your router does not support it or it is disabled it won’t work as you expect it to.

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interesting i will look into if my router supports hairpinning. (honestly had never heard of it)

but the pc 1 is behind a router and the other one is connected to a 4g cell

computer2 -> computer1 (external IP)
=> computer2 -> 4G -> ISP -> Router -> computer1

computer1 -> computer1 (internal IP)
=> computer1 -> Router -> computer1

computer1 -> computer1 (external IP)
=> computer1 -> Router -> ISP -> Router => router : “wtf, this is illegal!”


Well with my router i can’t reproduce that i can’t even host ^^ no port forwarding and no upnp so i can’t really help.

At least i learned something, thanks @Gamer92000

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I have registered an account, downloaded and installed the server, copied and saved all the admin stuff but I still do not know my servers address or how I can connect to it from another PC. Thanks!!

Open at least port 9987 and other if needed (please read whole list from following link) in your router.

Server address is the IP you have in LAN (for anyone in same network at home) and anyone else does use the IP address you have from your internet provider.

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I am a bit of a router dummy, how do I forward ports?

That’s not a problem. Most router manufacturer offer a manual or FAQ for this on their website or package where router was bought in. (we can not give you any how to for each router :wink: )

Most router have a page with Port forwarding somewhere.
There you enter port 9987 UDP (as internal and external) and set the IP where the LAN IP where server is running on.


hello so i recently made a ts3 server and i am hosting it on my personal pc and IP address I was wondering how can I change the name of the server address because my friends cant connect to it only i can but using “localhost” i want to change it i have also registered the server nickname and cant use it only localhost please help thankyou

You must use an External IP for the Server Nickname. You can not create a Server Nickname, when your Server is hosted only localy. If you want that the Server is online reacheble, just make Portforwarding in the Router. For a guide please take have a look here: [Solved] Hosting a TS3 Server at home - #12 by Rikku

Hello! I just got the new Teamspeak 5 and I hosted an server locally on my PC but my friends can’t join it, I have already tried port forwarding it but it doesn’t seem to work, any help?

hi, there is multiple things to check like ports,firewall,maybe router. i will dm you

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Hey all,

I recently decided to buy my own TS3 server to host for me and my friends, but it’s unfortunately not going as smooth as we had hoped.
When i connect with “localhost” i can join without issues, but when trying to join in any other way we get the message “Failed to connect to server”

I have been scouring any forum or helpful site i could find and done as explained to all to no use.

The following things is what i have tried:
Open port forward for 9987 UDP
Open port forward for 30033 TCP
Open port forward for 443 TCP
Made sure nothing is blocked in the firewall (dont have to much knowledge on firewall)
Enabled the ports shown on the photo to go through the firewall as inbound aswell as outbound rules

In this photo its show how my inbound rules are looking for the TS3 inbound rules

When my mates try to join the server they get the following message:
“no connections could be made because the targeted machine actively refused it”

From i can find about this message it’s got to do with either the firewall or the ports not being open

Ty for taking your time to read through this message, and for any help you can provide :smiley: