[Solved] Hosting a TS3 Server at home

The screenshots you provided just show the Windows Firewall. If the PC the server is on is running behind a NATed router (basically any ISP provided one) you will need to do some port forwarding on that router. If it is a VPS or dedicated server you might need to open those ports in the settings of your provider.

If the public IP you have is not static a dyn DNS provider is recommended.


My router is not an ISP provided one, but i have still forwarded my IP to the following ports:
443 TCP
30033 TCP
9987 UDP

and i have just made a dyn DNS is you recommended, but we are still getting the same error messages

I’d like to remind of these posts.

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Users can connect to my ts3 server throught internet but not local with the same router. ive tried using my router ip neither my system ip where i run the server of ts3. ive unblocked ts3 server from firewall of my router. for short explaination. if i connect to my ts3 server that connects with the same router from my different device it would not let me in.

Please use your LAN IP for devices in own network.

It’s known that devices do not allow or can use the external IP for connections in own network.


hello, recently I created ts server and nobody can connect to my server only how connected my WIFI at home.
how can fix it?
please help me
thank you for your help

In order for users outside your network to be able to connect to your server, the necessary ports must first be enabled. All necessary ports can be found at TeamSpeak Ports.

look ive done everything everypossible thing ive port fowarded ive enabled in firewall i even got my isp to port foward but i cant join my server thro external ip yes i asked friends to join they timeout i use teamspeak 3 please i just want a private server for me and my friends and another weird thing is that i put a password on it but on server list it shows with no password

Are you able to connect to your server with address localhost?


sorry for late reply im in gmt +5 its 7 41 am rn lol

and i checked to see if ports were open but there not apparently i am so confused

i even got my isp to do it but still to no avail

I can’t connect to my server that I created locally and that I shared on the network by opening the doors but I can’t do ninte per conetter

Please have a look at this Post: [Solved] Hosting a TS3 Server at home

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I have created a TS Server and my friend want to join my server but she cant join my server and i dont know why. Can someone help us please, we want to go on ts but we dont know how. I have a server but she dont know how to join

Did you open the required ports?

Yes i have, but its still not working

Ports need to be opened both in your computer’s firewall and the router’s.

I have, but its still not working

Can you provide the 0.log file?