TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta68.1

Hi everyone!

We’re pleased to say that we pushed out a new beta version. Please note that this client is needed to reconnect to the messenger.

For the preparation of the open beta we fixed some issues and did some improvements. This is still our main focus, so big features are not included.

Edit: In case you can not add a user to contacts or rooms. Make sure the target user has beta68 already. He does not have any chat account till beta 68 creates one for him on the new system.


Beta 68.1

  • Fixed possible crash while logging in

Beta 68

  • Changed the number of giphy attachments that can be sent to 1 at a time
  • Added information about file transfer quota usage to server, channel and clients
  • Added new configuration options for server edit on newer server versions
  • Added a note about file size limit when using drag and drop
  • Added indicator when chat connection is offline
  • Added sent message history and allow scrolling through them via Up/Down arrow keys
  • Added a warning when attempting to close the client while file transfers are still running
  • Added a typing indicator when people type in chat
  • Fixed room discovery not updating correctly
  • Fixed bookmarks using the wrong name in some cases
  • Fixed not being able to read encrypted chats after using fallback on your account
  • Fixed potential crash starting the client
  • Fixed bookmark icons being gone after client restart
  • Fixed not being able to set server avatar in some scenarios
  • Fixed download of 0 byte files
  • Fixed unread count in channel chat
  • Fixed non-ascii characters not displaying correctly when used as a hotkey
  • Fixed some styling being incorrectly applied to buttons
  • Fixed crash when closing the client while file transfers are still active
  • Improved file transfer error messages in case of system errors
  • Improved encryption handling for chats

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my antivirus program (Bullguard) blocks the file “libtschat_client_lib_export.dll”


I can assure you that is a false positive. This can happen with new files that got not scanned in their database.

But thank you for the report. We have an eye on this!



I have the same problem the “libtschat_client_lib_export.dll” file is detected as a virus by F-Secure.

HEUR/APC, Heuristic, Gen:Heur, Gen:Trojan.Heur, Memscan:[variant], Deepscan:generic.malware


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Thank you @staff for this Update. :blue_heart:


Thank you all for the update and the continued work you do to make it better and better and better. Proud to be a part.

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Most antivirus programs classify .dll files that have not yet been scanned as “dangerous” for security reasons.

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How i get the latest beta setup file. I had the same problem with my antivirus and i deleted TS from my PC. Is the current version at ?

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Yes the current installers on are for beta 68


The .dll file is safe but some antivirus programs such as Norton may block them if not recognized as safe. What I have done (if I know the software provider and I trust them) I disable Norton and install the produce after which time I go back in and enable Norton. After a while, your software provider eventually recognizes it as safe and will pass it through given enough time.

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In beta 67 after update download it wil not go to beta 68, it wil work if you download the .DMG and instal it.

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Please upload your update.log Maybe this shows a reason about what happened.

the log can be found under

Library > Logs > TeamSpeak > Default


Sometimes when I/my friends talk, there is a pop/bubble sound and sometimes automatically for a split second again, when I/my friends talk, it makes the one who is talking very loud for a second, but the automatic adjustment is off. Thanks in advance for the help. THIS happened after the update.

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Yup, seems to be a bug in the newest version, my friends and I experienced the same issue since the update.

Beta 68.1 was released.

It will fix a crash when system path had chars like umlaut or Chinese.


Thanks @staff for the Update. :blue_heart:

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